Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oppose Dangerous Global Internet Treaty

The pace is really picking up. It is no wonder that people, including myself, feel as though it is impossible to keep up and stay informed regarding all of the actions the government is enacting against us.

See Oppose Dangerous Global Internet Treaty.

It is frightening to see how Obama and his administration along with most of the Congress of both houses is stepping up the pace for the world government takeover and simply steamrolling over our Constitutional rights.

Time is short.

I have heard some say critically both in past elections and currently, that voting for someone outside of the mainstream establishment would cause gridlock.

My response is to sigh and say, "How wonderful!"

My opinion is that the best thing we can hope for is that an absolute gridlock in Washington DC would develop so that the rascals can't do anything whatsoever. I believe that one of the best things we can hope for is a president who will veto everything the Congress passes. Just put someone in office and give him a big rubber stamp that says, "No! Absolutely no!"

Let him use that rubber stamp until it is worn to a nubbin.

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