Monday, February 27, 2012

Taxation without Representation

Taxation without representation is alive and well in Wichita, Kansas. But that is the way in America, today.

Tomorrow we Wichitans have the extremely rare occasion of being able to vote against local corruption and deception.

A local group has fought hard against the big money of Wichita to try to keep a gross injustice from being perpetrated. The City Council has cheated and lied to us. These so-called leaders have given unfair precedence and favor to one developer and future local hotel owner over all the others.

A special sales tax that is supposed to go toward the promotion of Wichita and its businesses, a sales tax that all of the motels and hotels must charge to their customers, will be treated differently for this hotel. This hotel will be allowed to keep 75% of this tax while all the others must pay it to the city.

Is this fair?

Is it in any way right to pass a tax for a specific purpose and then use it for something else, to use it to promote one group of developers over everyone else?

Is this how we want to treat people who invest their own money in business in Wichita? Do we really want to penalize those who have invested in this area and depend upon fair business practices in order to survive?

For more information, visit Tax Fairness for All Wichitans.

A couple of weeks ago I prepared a much longer article on the details of this issue, but did not want to post it. The group, Tax Fairness for All Wichitans, has put the information together and posted at their web site. Do Wichita a favor and learn the facts and then vote against this unfair City Council action tomorrow, February 28th.

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