Monday, February 06, 2012

Blood Freezing News

Two articles share news that should cause our blood to freeze.

Obama Freezes Iranian Government, Bank Assets in U.S.

Obama Freezes Iranian Government, Central Bank Assets in U.S.

Obama and the leaders of this country are trying to force Iran to start World War III.

Did you hear what this talking head said that the purpose of this is? He said:

It is really targeted as a test run for how the larger, the bigger, sanctions would workout if the White House decided to impose those on central banks that do business with Iran’s central bank, ah, in other countries, as you mentioned, Korea, India, Japan. . . the goal on all of this is to get Iran to behave through diplomacy. . .

Did you hear this? So now stealing another country’s central bank assets is called diplomacy. Are you kidding? Are you insane?

Did you hear what he said the goal is? A test run to see how it would work to steal the assets of other nations’ central banks! Notice that he forgot to mention CHINA!

A test run to see how it would work out?

Is there really anyone so stupid as to need a test run to know how the other nations will react to this?

WAR! Global war on a scale to make all other wars seem like brawls in a local bar!

This is the agenda of Obama and all the others pressing us into globalism.

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