Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Representation Made Possible Through Efforts of the Vigilant

I was very pleasantly surprised by the this announcement at the KWCH 12 website:

(WICHITA, Kan.)—

After months of robo-calls, mailers and yard signs on both sides of the issue, Wichita voters voted no to giving the Ambassador Hotel a majority of the guest tax revenue it generates. Here's a look at the results:

No: 61% or 16,198 voters

Yes: 38% or 10,107 voters

To read the reported reactions of both sides after the election see:

Wichita votes down Ambassador Hotel tax incentive

"Vote No" group says hotel vote sends clear message

The article goes on to say:

Usually guest tax revenue generated by hotels goes directly to the Convention and Visitors Bureau. However, the incentive package approved by the Wichita City Council council would have allowed the developer to keep 75% of the guest tax to put back into the hotel.

Tuesday's special election means the guest tax generated at the hotel will be spent to promote tourism.

Wow! Imagine that! The tax will be used for the declared purpose instead of for personal gain (city council approved and legalized theft).

The vigilance of those who gathered the signatures on the petition to force this vote by which the city council was held accountable for their double dealing paid off. The people were made aware of this unethical handling of tax money so that they reacted and voted it down.

Imagine if the American people woke up and voted this way in the Republican primaries and caucuses! Imagine if they voted to nominate the only candidate who is calling for the Federal government to stop raping the nation and giving the people’s hard earned money to the globalist elite!

Could it happen?

I did not think that today’s special election would actually succeed. What a wonderful surprise to be proven wrong.

If it happens at the national level I will likely wonder whether I’m dreaming.

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