Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Political Posts

Lately I have posted way more on political issues than I am comfortable doing. Yet as a citizen of this country, I care deeply about what is happening. The reason that I care is twofold. First, I care about the people and how these things affect us all. Secondly, I care about the proclamation of the Gospel, which these things also affect and will affect very powerfully very soon.

But I am tired of these things. Politics, which comes from the word that means “city” and itself means “of, for, or relating to citizens” is rarely understood this way anymore. Today it has become a term that is regarded to be “of, for, or relating to those who control the citizens.”

We often consider the term politician to be a synonym for liar and deceiver and thief. Often the presumption is true.

But why? We have allowed this to become the way.

I, for one do not accept this, and so I sometimes speak out.

I have always spoken out regarding the wrongs that I have observed done to others. Even in Junior High School and High School, I spoke up when I observed bullies tormenting others, especially weaker or less popular ones. On a few occasions I actually stopped them. When I think of these things, it amazes me that I have never been in a fight. Perhaps it is because bullies of this type are really seeking something other than a fight and are somewhat open to reason.

But these political bullies are organized. They have massive clout and wealth behind them. They have been building their infrastructure for a very long time. They have used the media and the educational system to win people’s trust. They have actually convinced most people that their bully ways are actually thoughtful and caring and proper.

Does it really do any good for one little nobody to cry out?

Well, I cannot help it. That is who I am. That is what I do.

But that is not my primary concern. Primarily I am concerned about everlasting matters. I am primarily concerned about people’s souls and their everlasting salvation. My other concerns actually flow from this, but are secondary to this. Thus I desire to return to matters of the Gospel and the life that the Gospel generates. While I have not actually departed from this, the other issues do distract from it.

I much prefer to comfort people with the wonderful good news of the Gospel proclamation.

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