Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Food, No Water, No Help for Homeless

Feeding The Homeless BANNED In Major Cities All Over America reports on the fact that cities in the USA are passing ordinances and using absurd reasons for stopping caring citizens from helping their neighbors.

City puts a stop to homeless outreach reports that one couple who were helping their hungry neighbors were forced to stop by the city of Houston. The excuse given was that they had to have a permit and “To get that permit, the food must be prepared in a certified kitchen with a certified food manager.”

Here in Wichita not long ago the Lord’s Diner was not allowed to expand to establish a new center for free suppers for the hungry because these undesirable people were not wanted in the neighborhood. (See previous post The Lord’s Diner.)

At Church Ordered to Stop Giving Away Free Water it is reported that Hope Church in Metairie, LA was given a warning citation and forced to stop giving out free water to people in a Mardi Gras parade. They purchased bottled water and were giving it away for free, and they were forced to stop.

Among the cities listed as restricting and regulating feeding of people is my home town of Orlando, Florida. Orlando Activists Arrested For Feeding Homeless In Defiance Of City Ordinance shares the story. The story shares that “An editorial in the Orlando Sentinel supported with the court's decision this morning. They note that "at least 10 organizations regularly serve food to the hungry downtown" without defying the law.”

Big Surprise! The Orlando Sentinel supports big government bureaucratic control. The activist group, Food Not Bombs, is probably a group with whom I have huge points of disagreement. Perhaps their activities do fill the park to such a degree that it causes interference, but I seriously doubt it. I have walked that park many times. I have gone to the park at night to visit with those who were interested in hearing the Gospel. I have encountered the “bums” and have given food and assistance to at least a few. Would I be arrested today for these activities? Probably not, as I was not setting up to help large numbers of people and so the city bureaucrats likely would not think that I was helping enough people to be counted as a problem. But if I were to set up a table with several people helping me to give out food and drink, I would have to obtain a permit and could only obtain one twice per year, according to this report.

Some people are homeless by choice. Others have been put on the streets by the bureaucrats and bankers. Now these wonderful people are limiting who may help others, who may be helped, and are imposing permit fees for doing so. Permits always have a fee/tax.

What happens when people become desperate on account of hunger? What happens when some of the homeless try to obtain food by stealing and perhaps hurt someone and are arrested and imprisoned. Will people then say, as in the post below, that these prisoners should be used for experiments and even for organ harvesting for the wealthy? If the folk from Food Not Bombs violate the Orlando ordinance to the point of being imprisoned, will they become involuntary organ donors?

Perhaps someone will say: “Stop being ridiculous!”

Ridiculous? Who would have believed thirty years ago that it would be illegal to give food or water to a hungry or thirsty neighbor? Who would have believed thirty years ago that there would be web sites advertising the sale of body parts from babies, as is shown in the post below? Who would have believed thirty years ago that something like the NDAA would be passed that allows people to be arrested without being charged, to be held indefinitely at the whim of the government bureaucrats?

Ridiculous? Thirty years ago most people would have said so regarding much of what is now commonplace.

There has been abuse and injustice since that sad day in Eden. Horrible things have been done by unbelieving and false believing people ever since. Selfishness and greed have largely prevailed throughout the history of the human race. Certain groups of people have been mistreated simply because of their ethnicity or their place in society. This is not something new in the history of the world.

But is this what we want to allow, especially in the USA? Shall we allow displays of genuine love for and kindness toward fellow man to be made a crime? Has it ever happened before, even in America? It seems so as we examine our past. But shall we continue in this pattern and perhaps even to a worse degree today?

It truly is alarming to me that we are allowing the bankers and big money people first to bankrupt the entire nation and then to take people’s homes from them and then to criminalize both being homeless and then also being kind to those whom the government and banks have made to be criminals. How can it be that today we can actually be punished for being kind and loving to others?

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Oh no! Oh No! Oh NO!

This article, Aborted Babies Are Being Chopped Up And Sold To Researchers All Over America, presents a truly horrifying reality. Fetal body parts used for reseach is a more extensive article.

An example of the sellers of these parts and the extracted RNA and such from the baby parts is Agilent Technologies.

From the Page Info from the headers:

keywords: tissue, human, fetal, purified, application tested, mRNA, poly, A, A +, messenger RNA, RNA, pure, FirstChoice, MVP, Ambion, normal, Premium, Clontech, 778001, 778002, 778003, 778008, 778009, 778011, 778013, 778015, 778019, 778021, 778025,

description: Highly pure, intact, human fetal tissue poly RNA collection that is ready-to-use for Microarray, QRT-PCR, cDNA synthesis and Northern Blot Analysis.

title: MVP Human Fetal Tissue Poly(A)+ RNA

mosskeywords: tissue, human, fetal, purified, application tested, mRNA, poly, A, A +, messenger RNA, RNA, pure, FirstChoice, MVP, Ambion, normal, Premium, Clontech, 778001, 778002, 778003, 778008, 778009, 778011, 778013, 778015, 778019, 778021, 778025,

The first time that one visits this web page a little pop up screen appears providing a list of countries from which to choose so as to make available what parts can be sold.

Here are screenshots showing the first and last on this very comprehensive list.

Is Antarctica now a country? Are there research centers in Antarctica that are experimenting on body parts? Who would have guessed that Antarctica would be listed? Just how far does experimentation on humans extend? Who is monitoring what it being done in Antarctica?

From the article Aborted Babies Are Being Chopped Up And Sold To Researchers All Over America With The Full Approval Of The Obama Administration at The American Dream, in the comments section is a comment that shows how far this thinking truly goes. People who argue for this treatment of the unborn try to conceal how far this mentality extends. But here is what that person stated:

At what point does this become shocking? This person says that experiments AND the harvesting of body parts should be conducted on prisoners. Can it be that people are actually thinking this way? It certainly has happened before. Is it happening now? (Yesterday 5 people had “liked” her comment. Today the number is up to 19.)

Not surprisingly, this person has listed on her Facebook page The Animal Rescue Site.

In conjunction with this there is a very high likelihood that she judges God as cruel for such reasons as hell being reserved for those who reject His mercy in favor of bringing death to the human race.

As Leonard Nimoy is famous for saying, “Fascinating.”

Actually, I would say, “Horrifying!” Or perhaps also, “Sickening.”

This truly should be alarming to us all, that this mentality has been propagated among us. If this can be done to more than a million babies every year in the USA alone, not counting the many other countries doing this, and if the mentality is being expanded to include prisoners and mentally impaired people, who is next? It is actually already being done on the poor in certain countries.

+ + +

By the way, for clarity’s sake, I am an animal lover and I do support animal rescue. I do not, however, count animals to be more important than humans, not even more important than convicted violent criminals, not even more important than those who kill babies and harvest their body parts or support this inhuman industry, for that matter, not even more important than those who have brought great harm to me and my wife. My view of these things flows from the God who gave Himself into death for the sake of sinners of every sort, even those who scourged Him and nailed Him to a tree. If this view extends even to murderers and rapists, how can compassion not be held concerning the helpless?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kony 2012

Today was a rain day and I used the day for a lot of on-line study in addition to things that I actually needed to do. But trying to be aware is also of value. Isn’t it? Sometimes I do wonder whether it is worthwhile, but it seems to be of value.

Most of my afternoon was focused upon comments regarding the Kony 2012 video and movement. It seems that many people are becoming active in promoting the video and buying the propagandist paraphernalia.

Previous to today almost everything that I have read about this movement was of negative reactions. But I saw on some Facebook pages some excited and positive reactions from people dear to me, especially some very young ones.

As is the way with Facebook, very little actual information was available, but lots of emotional hyperbole.

So I went on-line to learn more. I watched some impressive and in-depth reporting. I also watched the reactions of at least a half dozen Ugandans. One video showed the reaction of people in Northern Uganda when they were exposed to the video. Their reaction was the most impressive as it was the most negative. The people actually living in Uganda had the strongest negative response. Most of the people in America with direct ties to Uganda also reacted negatively with one lady who was formerly a Kony sex slave reacting positively to the Invisible Children video. All of the rest were of a general negative sentiment, some very strongly so.

I really did not want to watch the Invisible Children video, but felt compelled to see it for myself to try to understand the reactions. I very much identified with the expressed negative sentiments. I sensed the reasons for which those who knew the Uganda story personally reacted negatively to this video.

But rather than to respond to these people’s expressed sentiments, perhaps I should encourage people to listen and watch them. Rather than speaking from the Ugandan perspective, I will speak from the perspective of a far removed American, far removed because I have no actual personal ties or experience with their plight.

But as an American I also have a negative reaction to the video. I do not perceive it as genuine.

There are many things about this propagandist material that trouble me.

First is the fact that it is not our place to meddle in the affairs of another country. What makes the USA imagine herself in a position to do for others what she does not do for herself?

What about our invisible children?

According to the video somewhere over thirty thousand children were kidnaped and enslaved during Kony’s 26 years of terror. Thirty thousand versus over a million children killed every year in America. More than fifty-six million babies have been treated as invisible in America. And what of the unending cycle of divorce that is promoted in America and the lifelong injuries that the children endure on account of watching their families torn to pieces? What of the millions of children subjected to the abuses of poverty and homelessness and parents who abuse drugs? What of the fact that our children are encouraged to be promiscuous and to lose themselves to casual sexual encounters? What of the many rapes and murders that occur everyday in our cities?

Do we not have plenty of our own issues to correct before we seek to transgress into other countries to fix their troubles with military intervention? Furthermore, how many times has the US intervened, beginning with the sending of military “advisors” and then thousands of troops, with the result of years of turmoil and bloodshed? Will we ever learn?

And of the celebrities who have been engaged by this program, who are they to speak of peace and caring relationships? Of the most well known and active among them, have they not acquired their fame and fortunes through movies that promote robbery and deception and subterfuge and murder and assassinations and espionage and violence and drug and alcohol abuse? And in their personal lives, where is the example of commitment and love and peace and harmony? Yet these people have the audacity to presume to tell the people of Uganda how to obtain what they do not exhibit in their own lives and careers!

And those who watch this Invisible Children video then imagine that they should feel good about their tweeting and twittering about in cyberspace and buying tee shirts and other paraphernalia from which the promoters make a handsome income as if these things make a true and genuine difference. How typical of us Americans! In the meantime our own politicians are burying our Constitution under the rubble of 9-11 and are pillaging our treasury and making paupers and homeless people out of hard working people and their families. Pension funds are being raided and bank accounts are being depleted while the banksters make their plans for invading Uganda and other countries in Africa and around the world.

Should this really be cause for pride? Our own country is being demolished all around us. Our Constitution is being ignored and undermined. NATO and the UN and other International usurpers are taking control of our laws and our money and are doing the same throughout the world. TSA is molesting innocent people and even children, harassing us to the point that we are afraid even to travel to visit family and to conduct business. More and more we act as helpless sheep in our own country, and then we pretend to be the saviors of people in far away lands, saviors who applaud the sending of even more guns and violence to these already troubled lands.

Should the Ugandans be thankful to us? Should they be glad to consider that we are urging our military to be sent to their country and perhaps to establish a new Department of Homeland Security and a new TSA in Uganda?

Or should they be saying, “Mind your own business and let us do the same! Clean up your own messes and don’t come to our country bringing your troubles with you!”?

I don’t know. But it seems clear to me that we really should deal with the monsters in our own country before we imagine that we should assume responsibility for the comparatively insignificant bullies in far away lands.

As I listen and watch the comments of the Ugandans I am left with the impression that perhaps that is what we really should be doing. After all, who has faced more and endured more? Perhaps we should be asking them how they have prevailed in the face of all of their troubles, troubles that often were imposed upon them by foreigners. They have endured war and torture and tyranny and poverty. Perhaps they have some valuable lessons to teach us and perhaps we should be learning from them.

For my part, I am very impressed with what I heard and observed today from their videos. Most of them exhibited considerable humility and patience even though they may well have cause for frustration and even anger. They expressed gratitude for people’s concern and good intentions even though they had cause for impatience and for feeling insulted. I heard them express gentleness and respect for others. I heard people who were very articulate and wise.

Yes, indeed, I believe that I learned some things and gained from watching and listening today. Moreover, as I watched and listened I felt my heart grow nearer to the people of Uganda and Africa and other parts of the world, too.

From the Invisible Children video I believe that the thing that struck me the most deeply and positively was Jacob’s expression of his confidence in heaven and his hope of the blessings that awaited him in heaven. I wondered where he learned of this and I marveled at what at least seemed to me to be a very confident profession of faith in the mercy of the Lord. While it seems unlikely that I will meet Jacob during this age of this earth, I do look hopefully to see him and his brother in the age to come. As I ponder this wonderful vision, I also realize the importance of continual prayer for men like Kony, that perhaps their hearts also will be converted to receive God’s forgiveness and peace and life forevermore. How wonderful it would be to see Joseph Kony converted so that he laid down his guns and the pretense of leading the Lord’s Resistance Army so that he could be embraced as a brother in the Lord’s kingdom of mercy and peace rather than seeing him hunted down and slaughtered as the vicious dog he now appears to be.

In closing, I realize that many will likely mock such thoughts and sentiments as I have expressed. But such is the way of the Christian faith. The Lord’s justice is found in the preaching of Christ crucified for us sinners so that we should be declared righteous with His righteousness and that forgiveness be received in the place of what we have deserved according to our own miserable choices and ways. The Gospel is the preaching of God’s love to us in Christ Jesus. God’s love changes men’s hearts. Saul of Tarsus is as splendid of an example as we can hope to see, Saul who was converted to be made to be Paul, the apostle to the gentiles. If Kony were to experience such a conversion, many more children would be rescued and freed than through any military action. Such shall continue to be my prayer.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Is This Newsworthy?

I have been asking people who are very alert to many things happening in the nation and in the world whether they are aware of H.CON.RES.107. I have also repeatedly performed Internet searches to see whether any mainstream media sources are reporting it. So far I have found no mainstream media, including the so-called conservative talk show figures and FOX, who are reporting this. As I said, I have also asked various people who are followers of the news, and not one of these people have been aware of this.

The actual text of the House Bill is not yet available, but here is the official Library of Congress posting of H. CON. RES. 107.

Does this seem newsworthy to you?

Here is an article that explains it more clearly:

Will A Sitting President Finally Be Held Accountable For High Crimes and Misdemeanors?

This House Bill is calling for the impeachment of the President of the United States.

Is anyone even reporting that this is happening? Is anyone reporting on the incident that triggered this House Bill being presented?

Here is the video:

This is the Secretary of Defense saying that the President will invade anyone he chooses to invade or attack, without seeking permission of the Congress.

Is this not newsworthy anymore? Do Americans really count this as OK? Does the media not care that this is the publicly declared position of the current administration?

If Americans were aware of this, would there be an outcry?

Should this not be brought to the attention of the public? Is it not of national interest that impeachment proceedings have begun in the House of Representatives?

Is this not news?

- - -

Real Costs of Inflation

The following data is from the Federal Reserve Misinformation Page.

2000  -  -  3.4%
2001  -  -  2.8%
2002  -  -  1.6%
2003  -  -  2.3%
2004  -  -  2.7%
2005  -  -  3.4%
2006  -  -  3.2%
2007  -  -  2.9%
2008  -  -  3.8%
2009  -  -  -0.4%
2010  -  -  1.6%
2011  -  -  3.2%
2012  -  -  3.3%

Is there anyone in the world who actually believes these reported rates of inflation? Is there anyone who actually purchases daily need items, such as groceries, who believes that these figures even come close to representing the increases in costs that have been imposed upon us?

Some months the costs have increased by these percentages in those singular months!

What is more is that for many items not only had the cost risen for the item, but the size of the item has been reduced as well.

The article that drew my attention to this chart is How the Fed Steals for the 1%.

This article makes its point without even having to challenge the falsified data. Even using the misrepresentative figures that the FED bankers publish, the theft of our wealth is demonstrated in shocking measure. If the real inflation rates were used, it would be even more shocking.

This article effectively demonstrates how much better off Americans were when the Constitution still was the law of the land and Congress controlled our money supply. After the international bankers were given control of the money supply through allowing them to create the separate banking entity of the Federal Reserve, Income Taxes were instituted to take our incomes from us to give to these bankers for the privilege of using our own money. Now we have to pay them for the privilege of having a monetary system. The founding fathers provided a monetary system that would cost us nothing. Why do Americans fail to see that this is a far better and prosperous way? Why do Americans fail to see that we should first replace the politicians who enslave us to the FED, and then, replace the FED with our own monetary supply again?

The issue before us seems to be the lack of understanding that people have regarding what the FED really is. This is on account of the Federally controlled indoctrination system, mislabeled as “public education.”

Here is an oversimplification of what the FED is. While it is an oversimplification, it still makes the point of which most people are unaware.

Let’s say I come to you when you are paying your bills and I draw your attention to the fact that you have a fluctuation in the amount of money in your wallet or checking account as you pay your bills. Then I offer to help you stabilize your money supply by changing the method by which you receive your money. Then I take all of your money from your wallet and your checking and savings accounts and from your pensions and other assets. In place of your money, I offer you a new money supply, one that has my name on it and which I control. I then will control the amount of this money that is available to you. Before you can use this money, you must purchase this money from me. (This is how I take your money in the first place.)

You purchase my money from me for an additional fee, called interest. Then you must pay me this interest for as long as this money is in circulation. Naturally, because the interest continues to accumulate, more money must be purchased to put into circulation. This money naturally has interest which you and your children and all future generations will pay to me. I do not pay anything for the money that I sell to you at interest.

When you need more money to pay me more interest, I will simply invent more monetary units to sell to you. I will not do any work to obtain these monetary units. I will not pay anything for them. I will not supply any collateral for backing of the value. It is actually your future income that I use for backing the value of my money. Therefore, you must work and earn money in order for my money to have value. Moreover, in order for you to earn this money, you must first borrow it from me. I get away with this because you have established my money as the legal currency that you are legally required to accept and use.

Moreover, any costs that I incur for printing and accounting I will charge to you. Which of course will mean that you will have to buy more monetary units from me. Moreover, every time that I make more monetary units available to you, the value of the monetary units that you now have will become devalued so that more are needed to make the same purchases of regular goods. Thus even more money will be needed. This is called inflation, which is guaranteed to be incurred perpetually.

So that future generations will not realize that I am an entity entirely separate from you and family (nation/government), I will use a name that sounds like your family (nation/government). I will call myself the Federal Reserve which sounds like I am actually of your family and that I actually have reserves of value that guarantee value for my money that you purchase from me. Of course I have no reserves other than your enslavement to the use of my money and I certainly am not of your family. But that is the beauty of using this name for myself. It tricks you into unwavering fidelity and loyalty to me, and saves me from having to care about you in any way whatsoever. I can use this name and this system to make you work and invest to make me unimaginably wealthy and powerful.

While the actual deceptive ploys are somewhat more intricate than this, this really is what the Federal Reserve and every other central bank in the world is and does.

Then these bankers also fabricate data to tell us that the rate of inflation and suffering is not nearly what our own senses and reason indicate.

It saddens me and even angers me that my fellow Americans close their eyes and minds to what is happening so that they continue to support these bankers who promote going to war with other nations under the guise of protecting America’s interests. How is it that my fellow Americans are unwilling to see that it is not interests but interest that is being protected and propagated. Every one of these invasions gives these bankers control of yet another nation’s economy. Every one of these invasions is paid for by our government, which means increased money supply, which means increased interest for the FED bankers. Trillions upon TRILLIONS of dollars are being added to the debt, debt that is held by the FED bankers. So we pay them to make war on other nations, nations upon whom they impose their monetary control. We go bankrupt to help enslave people who are already poor and struggling for survival.

Worst of all, the Obama, Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum all support this as “god-fearing” representatives. And the people follow and chant, “God bless America! God bless our troops!”

Then they go to the supermarket and attack and abuse and curse the poor grocery clerk for “ripping them off.”

I still cringe when I remember Michelle Obama’s statement that for the first time she was proud of her country. But now I am beginning to understand that what this means is that now her husband is one of the elite who actually own us as a country. Is that perhaps what she means by “Her Country”? She certainly seems to enjoy her vacation trips to Hawaii that we give her.


Wake up, America!

Argh! Argh! Argh!

- - -

You know, it is really sad because I cannot turn off my love for this country and her people and all who could benefit from who we are, or at least once were and could be again. Certainly this nation has never been a perfect nation, nor even truly righteous. Yet we have been blessed beyond any fathomable accounting. We have enjoyed freedom and prosperity. We have also enjoyed the benefit of our marvelous Constitution and Bill of Rights. So far, these still exist.

As I consider these, and especially the freedom that we have enjoyed in proclaiming the Gospel, I still rejoice and give thanks. I still want to cry out to my countrymen and even to the world with thanks to God for what we have enjoyed, what we still enjoy, and what could be preserved for future generations. I am even willing to make sacrifices toward this end, but what sacrifices are really even needed? Is it really a sacrifice to be willing to vote for someone who actually represents these things that provide such enormous blessings?

What an oddball, hey?

+ + +

Attack Dogs used on a High School Walkout in MD

Has this been in the news? It is the first that I have seen of it.

Dogs used on a HS Students. Four Arrested For “Thought Crimes"

From what I’ve been reading elsewhere, the nutrition is indeed a cause of concern, especially with the “pink slime” and other toxic additives that are being used in government school lunches.

While I don’t know enough about the various issues of concern to these high school students to attempt to address these issues, the fact that the government has this much control over the populace horrifies me. I never realized the extent to which this reaches until my wife began working for the government schools and began talking about the laws that she daily encounters.

Growing up I never realized what the truancy laws were. I never realized that the parental excuse and doctor’s written excuses were needed because I was being held hostage by the legal system. I always thought that this was merely part of the requirements of being a responsible student. I had no clue regarding the fact that missing class was a crime for which my parents would be held accountable.

A few years ago when I became aware of this I was truly horrified. I was deeply shocked to realize that this has been in force for all of my life apart from my awareness. I was very troubled to realize that this depth of mind control and social programming has been forced upon us for such a long time.

What is more is that the government schools are a farce and a joke. They are inefficient. They demand more and more taxes of the populace and accomplish less and less. This was as true when I was a youngster as it is today.

I was blessed to attend our church’s parochial school through the sixth grade. My first year in the government school was like a general review. The next year we were made aware of the advanced classes and I began learning something again. But there was also the continual bombardment of false information, especially in the history and social departments. I was being taught that the way to get laws changed is to challenge them by breaking them so that they would be reviewed by the courts. This was called civil disobedience and was the only real means taught for changing laws.

Thus these kids in Maryland first think of a walkout rather than talking to their parents and discussing the ways of addressing these issues through the school board and through demanding changes in legislation. Thus the government first teaches the students to be “activists” and law breakers, to cause civil unrest, and then arrests them for doing as they have been taught to do. That principal ought to be fired for his duplicity. The police chief also should be fired for promotion of terrorism.

Most importantly, the truancy laws should be overturned. The citizens should not be required by law to subject themselves to educational tyranny. If people do not want an education, or they simply do not want to be forced into government social modification programs, they should be free to seek their own means of education or even to remain ignorant if they so choose. Most of all, the entire populace should not be forced to pay for these social modification programs that always demand more money.

I often feel bewildered by the fact that the government’s religion is forcibly taught to the nation’s children and most people express no real objection. The result is that true freedom has been nearly entirely obliterated.

Just think, if parents decide that they do not want their children to be subjected to the government’s required (accredited) curricula, the government sends its enforcers to take the children from the parents. If a citizen does not want to support the government’s enforced indoctrination programs and refuses to pay the required program fees (property taxes), the government confiscates the citizen’s home and property. Parents who want to educate their own children must receive special permission from the government and must use the government’s curricula.

If the children object and stage a walk out, the government enforcers are sent with tasers and clubs and guns and attack dogs to hold them hostage.

Yet the people blithely ignore these government reeducation/indoctrination concentration camps and imagine that the freedom envisioned by the founders of this nation still exists. And this is just what is observed in the government enforced education system.

Is it time yet for us to become concerned?

This information does seem to shed some light upon what the usual candidates for office support with their support of the Federal Department of Education and “No child left behind.” That is for sure, no child is left behind, they all are dragged off together to the same locked down facilities. Well, at least we can take comfort knowing that the Obama, Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum have consistently pressed for more taxes to support the Department of Ed. Surely we can count on them for more of the same.

Ah, what a relief!

+ + +

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I wonder sometimes how it is possible that people say such things as they do. People who otherwise seem to be intelligent people say some absolutely inane statements.

One that particularly baffles me is that morality cannot be legislated.

Huh? Do people even listen to what they say?

From’s morality, the first definition given is:

  • conformity to the rules of right conduct; moral or virtuous conduct.
When these rules are codified as laws so as to be applied to a population it is called legislation.

Such legislation has as its intention the protection of people from being abused in various ways, including protection from having one’s life stolen from oneself, protection from being raped in one’s person or property, protection from being assaulted bodily and verbally, and the like.

Legislation that makes murder illegal and prosecutable is legislation of morality. Morality is the very reason for legislation.

Sadly, in some cases, amorality or immorality has become the basis of some legislation.

Worse yet is that some legitimate legislation has been overturned through immoral and illicit judicial procedure. Where proper morality has been legislated, sometimes the judicial system has nullified it.

Thus we have a society in which the protections that have been properly legislated for all are reduced and in some cases completely nullified so that certain groups of people are treated as non-persons who are then subjected to horrible abuses.

Such has been the case throughout history.

This nullification of morality being properly legislated and enacted and enforced begins with certain “lesser” groups, but eventually is extended to count more and more groups as “lesser” until only a few have any real protection, which has actually morphed into usurpation of protection of the masses.

When this reaches such a level the masses who previously consented to the nullifying of these protections for other “lesser” persons and groups of persons cry out in dismay that they themselves now stand with these “lesser” ones.

I am truly baffled by how often people who cry out for legislation against the inhumane treatment of animals will argue that legislation against the inhumane treatment of babies is only a “moral issue” that should not be legislated.

In the meantime, truly dreadful legislation such as the Patriot Act and now the NDAA is permitted and even welcomed. People imagine that these direct violations of the Constitution will somehow be limited to “those” people and that by some miracle that they will be exempted from these violations.

Eventually people discover that the cliche, “What goes around comes around,” actually has its basis in fact.

+ + +

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Still Alive with help of Brazil

Pastor Youcef Alive as ACLJ Launches Tweet for Youcef Brazil

Additional articles are available at Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani - Illegally Imprisoned, 887 days.

+ + +

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This makes me sick!

This truly makes me sick, and angry!

Veterans Outraged Over American Flag With Obama Image

The US flag has very deliberate design and meaning. The thirteen stripes stand as a perpetual reminder of this nation’s beginning. It was formed by thirteen individual states, representing the people of those states, coming together to form a union of states of people. The stars represent the growth of this union of states, now composed of 50 states standing together, yet still separate states representing the people. These stars represent us, the people, standing together in the unity of the solidarity defined in the constitution.

To replace this with one individual is to overthrow all that the flag represents. It is to overthrow freedom: liberty and justice for all. It is to supplant liberty with tyranny. This is the way of those promoting tyrannical dictatorships.

It is saddening to observe that anyone in the US would do such a thing as this.

But, in a nation where treaty upon treaty with the American Indians was violated and where slaves were imported and held hostage and where legal and loyal immigrants were taken to concentration camps without cause and more than 56 million innocents have been brutally murdered, perhaps it is not surprising that something like this will occur.

The list of usurpations seems endless. From the illegal theft of our money supply by the FED and the subsequent creation of the agency of illegal confiscation of income and property to the creation of agencies that prevent free use of property to the FDA that prevents sale of wholesome foods and promotes toxic food additives and drugs. Who can even list the number of abuses?

Yet still, that anyone would do as the creators of this flag have done, shocks me.

- - -

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Are They Persons?

Deliberately fraudulent and misrepresentative headlining such as Republicans introduce legislation targeting abortion access really frustrates me.

Yes, this legislation has as its underlying agenda protection for babies from being killed through abortion which will indeed reduce abortion access to those desiring to kill their babies. But abortion access is not the issue. The identity of people as persons who should be protected is the issue. The legislation is entitled the Life at Conception Act. It has as its purpose the clear legal definition of personhood that US Supreme Court denied to the US Constitution.

Those Supreme Court Justices who farcically claimed that they could not declare whether or not babies are persons should have been immediately impeached for directly violating their oath of office. Instead, the annihilation of 14% of the US population has been permitted. 56 million of 400 million is 14 percent! That is 14 out of every 100 or 7 out of every 50 people.

For a more tangible grasp of what this is, imagine sending executioners with machetes into the schools with the mission of going through the school and hacking to pieces 7 children out of every two classrooms!

If one considers the national response of one crazy school massacre, imagine what such an outrageous act as abortion on demand should cause. Yet rather than headlines decrying the continual slaughter of millions of innocent children for profit, rather the headlines demonize those who attempt to act in defense of these poor defenseless children.

The deceptive rhetoric of those arguing for abortion on demand is criminally insane. They call abortion a “reproductive right” of women. Abortion is an act against the reproductive functions and rights of women. Abortion is an act of Anti-reproduction.

Another abortionist favorite is to cry out that to prohibit abortion is to deny a woman the right to do with her body as she desires. But this is another absolutely false claim. The fact is that except in rare cases the woman HAS utilized her reproductive rights and that is why reproduction has occurred. At this point, as abortion is being contemplated or pursued, it is no longer the woman’s body that is at issue, but another person’s body that is at issue. The newly conceived and growing body of a brand new person is what abortion attacks and kills. The woman’s control over her own body is no longer in question. Whether her control of her body was usurped through rape or whether she actively engaged her body in reproductive activity, that time has passed. Reproduction has occurred and now another person is being denied rights concerning that person’s body and life.

This is the real issue being addressed by the Life at Conception Act.

The Supreme Court maliciously overturned the Constitutional right of persons to live. The justices who supported this deliberately and maliciously turned the issue of life into an issue of privacy. They redefined murder as an act of privilege to privacy.

For those who have a desire to see this Supreme attack on Life set right again, here is the link for the Life at Conception Act Petition.

Regarding just how far this issue extends, here again is the link for my earlier post, After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?

See also The Ethics of Killing Babies with Investigative Reporter Jon Rappoprt. This video in 3 clips begins with this issue, shows how far it extends, speaks of the globalist agenda and control of the mainstream media, and concludes by addressing the baby killing issue.

For anyone preferring to view them here, I’ll embed them below as well.

I remember when the veterans of the Viet Nam conflict returned home and were attacked as “Baby Killers.” Do you remember this? Surely it has been regurgitated in enough movies that even younger generations should be aware of this abuse that was wrongfully inflicted upon the devoted military service people who were victimized by this wrongful and unjust military action. These sons of the nation bravely faced horrible conflict, being victimized by the President and Congress, only to return home to be further abused by many of their fellow countrymen.

“Baby Killers” they were called. Yet according to Wikipedia’s Vietnam War casualties the total civilian deaths for the entire period of the conflict, a period of 15 years is as follows:

R.J. Rummel's mid-level estimated that 65,000 North Vietnamese Civilians died from 1960-1975.

The Vietnamese government in 1995 estimated that 4,000,000 Vietnamese civilians on both sides died in the war. Overall figures for North Vietnamese civilian dead range from 50,000 to 2,000,000.

These estimates, which are not clearly defined, are for all civilians killed of all ages. Moreover, these numbers reflect the civilian deaths caused by both sides of the military conflict in open warfare. Still, even if the outside number of 2 million is used, the total number of all civilian deaths is about the same as the number of babies killed in only one year in the US at the peak of the abortion industry’s activity. Compared to the total of more than 56 million babies killed since the Constitutional right to life was usurped via Roe V Wade, 2 million total civilian wartime casualties seems small.

Yet the Viet Nam vets were called “Baby Killers.”

But in the war against humanity called abortion more than 28 times that many actual babies have been killed. Yet those who cry out, “Baby Killers” against those who have killed more than 56 million babies and continue killing thousands of babies each and every day, such voices are called radicals and even terrorists.

How does that make any sense?

Sadly, the only possible expected outcome of this is that this killing spree will expand to include more than just the unborn. It will expand to many people who are of minority status, who have no political clout. Eventually, by this process of singling out “minority” groups, the majority of people will lose their voices until the elite minority have total say.

Gainsayers will continue to mock this until their day comes. They will continue to vote for those who go along to get along in the mainstream establishment of the elite. Because of this either the Obama will be “reelected” or one of the Republican globalists will be “elected.” And the people will stand bewildered and wonder how their Constitutional freedoms disappeared.

The pace is being accelerated, as the following clips declare. Mr. Jones and Mr. Rappoport express more hope for the country than I personally hold. They express hope that people are waking up and will take action. My long-time observation is that people go along until they are personally affected and then they rise to action that results in violence and bloodshed. History is replete with evidence of this pattern. This is truly sad because especially in this case we have some candidates who would make a genuine difference.

Here are the video clips for anyone caring to view them:

Mr. Rappoport speaks of people making videos of the issues and making them public. For a short time this will likely happen. However, the Internet is largely controlled by the elite. They own Google and YouTube. They control ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). And the Obama or whomever the next president may be, has been given power to shut down the Internet if an “emergency” is declared. Since the sitting/ruling president has the authority to declare an emergency, that gives total control for when the Internet becomes too “out of control” for the elite globalists.

But for the time being, we do have this for our use and we have the power to go and flood the voting stations with votes for a candidate whom the elites fear will shut them down. What if people actually did awaken from their apathetic stupor and defended the defenseless and placed into office those who actually uphold their office in accord with the Constitution? What if people feared injustice more than they feared taking responsibility for their own sexual activity and responsibility for raising their children? Could it be that something unprecedented in the history of nations could actually occur in these United States of America? Could it be that the precedent of reestablishing true liberty and justice for all could be held before the world?

- - -

Monday, March 05, 2012

Sinus Congestion

Sinus Congestion is a serious malady when one experiences it. It is uncomfortable and inconvenient at best and painful in more extreme conditions.

Accompanying the congestion sinus drip or drainage is also common, which can produce a hacking cough that seems to linger forever.

Today I heard a radio advertisement that many other people very likely have heard many times before. It probably is not anything new to most who will read this post, but it was new to me today. I only listen to the radio when in my truck, so my exposure to radio programs and advertisements is quite limited. On this occasion I heard the advertisement during one of the breaks on the Peter Schiff show, an Internet/radio program also new to me today. Actually I heard multiple versions of advertisements for the product in question.

What was the product? Advil Congestion Relief. One video version Bedtime Story is embeded below. Since I don’t watch TV, I have not encountered it before.

This ad sounds wonderful to anyone seeking relief from sinus congestion and its side effects.

However, one may want to consider the side effects listed at Ibuprofen Side Effects. This site lists three pages of side effects. Some of the more serious ones include:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness on one part of your body
  • Slurred speech
  • Allergic reactions
  • Liver damage
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Kidney problems, including kidney failure
  • Fluid retention or unexplained weight gain
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Hair loss
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Meningitis

There is quite a long list of possible side effects, some more serious than others.

It seems prudent to me that we all should be very careful about how freely we use these types of medications.

In the past I suffered from this kind of sinus congestion and drainage. Every winter I would develop a hacking cough that lasted for months. Several years I called our doctor and he prescribed a course of antibiotics which had absolutely no positive effect. Then he prescribed a second round of a more potent antibiotic that likewise had no positive effect. All I was doing was adding poisons to my system and weakening my natural immunity.

One year I asked at a health food store and was told about Bromelain, an enzyme extracted from pineapple. I tried it and my condition cleared up entirely within a week of using this natural product that has zero negative side effects. Later, my wife also experienced congestion and we added wild oil of oregano as well as the bromelain and her condition cleared in three days.

I later told our doctor this wonderful news and he informed me that he knew about bromelain. So why did he never tell me?

Bromelain and oil of oregano are natural anti-inflammatory substances. The wild oregano is stronger and more effective. For the last few years we have started raising our own oregano and use it in our diet. My wife also has started purchasing fresh pineapple and we have a portion on our breakfast plate along with banana and citrus and other fruit slices.

This year I had one slight flair of sinus congestion and drainage and consumed bromelain and oil of oregano for one day. Otherwise we both have been free of any significant symptoms.

To my thinking this is a much better way to live. Good food versus pharmaceutical poison does not leave me with much need for deep contemplation on the matter.

+ + +

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Starve Iran

These reports disturb me in my soul.

Israeli officials: Starve Iranians to stop nukes

Israeli Officials Call for Starving Millions of Iranians

This is being compared to the refusal to send foreign aid to North Korea where the tyrannical dictatorial government committed and continues to commit atrocities on their people daily. North Korea’s leaders caused the starvation in North Korea.

There is a vast difference between saying “No” to the sending of foreign aid and saying “Yes” to trade sanctions and even military embargos against a nation, cutting it off from the world militarily.

Finding it difficult to justify outright military attacks on Iran, starvation is now being suggested as the means of killing the people.

Why? What have these people done? Whom have they attacked?

Who are the real monsters?

Yes, the Muslim leadership who are persecuting Christians with intensity and others as well, these truly are monstrous and evil. But is this reason for starving the entire populace? Is that not an even greater evil?

Recently many church leaders protested vehemently against the forced support of abortifacients and contraceptives. Church bodies angrily stormed Washington DC demanding to be exempted from violating their pro-life beliefs. Reports such as COP commends Synod president on religious-liberty statements boast with great pride regarding these actions.

OK. Very well. Good job boys!

In this same church body the new slogan and logo is: Witness, Mercy, Life Together.

Very catchy! Sounds wonderful!

I find myself wondering, will there be an outcry from these merciful ones regarding the globalist agenda to starve the Iranian children? Will they storm Washington DC to demand intervention on behalf of these children? Will they demand that their tax money not be used to help cut off food and supplies to the Iranian people?

Will they even publish a blog notice? Will they even send a letter?

Will they pray for the children in Iran? Will they pray for the parents who will struggle to find food for their starving children?

I am ashamed of the fact that in the past I often have turned a blind eye to such things as these. I am ashamed that I must admit that I did not cry out under the two Bush and the Clinton dictatorships and the unjust wars that they conducted and the other evils that they perpetrated.

Oh, I did cry out concerning at least some of the things, but with more of whimper.

Am I really doing anything more now? Is there more that I really can do?

Well, at the very least I believe that I can support candidates who likewise say that this is wrong, that warmongering is wrong, candidates with a record of opposing such evils, both abroad and at home.

- - -

Are You Comfortable with the fact that Google is Watching You?

As of today Google is upgrading its privacy policies to include more tracking of what you do on the Internet. If this concerns you, check out the few things that you can do to reduce this.

Google privacy policy changes March 1: How to clear your search history, account information - the Washington Post

Google unified privacy settings unsettle users

Google privacy changes March 1: How to clear your search history, account information

Additionally, I always make certain that the little “Stay signed in” check box is UNCHECKED. And I sign out when I am finished blogging.

- - -

The Pretense of the Two Party System

In the following video David Icke does a good job of explaining the reason that the political system seems never to change course. The explanation is essentially complete within the first 5 minutes, so you may want to stop at that point when it turns into a music video. I don’t endorse David Icke, but he does make valid points that are worth hearing.

I’ve made some clips from a segment of this video where the “president” declares who is signing the executive orders.

Who is signing? Whose executive order is this? Who has actually planned and worked this?

This is not limited to the political arena. It is also displayed in the direction observed in the various church bodies. Lay people cry out wondering why they cannot reverse the wayward trends in their church bodies. The same sort of false dichotomy is active in church body politics. The leaders pretend to have opposing agendas, usually a liberal and a conservative agenda juxtaposed to one another. But in reality both sides enact that same things when they are “in power.”

The people cling to their church body because they are afraid to cut the apron strings from Momma, even though Momma has prostituted herself to the point of degrading beyond any recognizable likeness to her former self. And so they are edged little by little to the precipice.

+ + +