Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Pretense of the Two Party System

In the following video David Icke does a good job of explaining the reason that the political system seems never to change course. The explanation is essentially complete within the first 5 minutes, so you may want to stop at that point when it turns into a music video. I don’t endorse David Icke, but he does make valid points that are worth hearing.

I’ve made some clips from a segment of this video where the “president” declares who is signing the executive orders.

Who is signing? Whose executive order is this? Who has actually planned and worked this?

This is not limited to the political arena. It is also displayed in the direction observed in the various church bodies. Lay people cry out wondering why they cannot reverse the wayward trends in their church bodies. The same sort of false dichotomy is active in church body politics. The leaders pretend to have opposing agendas, usually a liberal and a conservative agenda juxtaposed to one another. But in reality both sides enact that same things when they are “in power.”

The people cling to their church body because they are afraid to cut the apron strings from Momma, even though Momma has prostituted herself to the point of degrading beyond any recognizable likeness to her former self. And so they are edged little by little to the precipice.

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