Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good Bye Old Friend!

On June 16 at about 2:00 AM there was a crash outside of our bedroom window.  I heard it, but it did not register with me yet, not until there was a loud banging on our front door.  A gentleman who frequently drives past our house was knocking to make me aware that an unfamiliar white pickup was parked oddly in my driveway.  He stopped to let me know out of concern.  He said that he had never seen that truck in the driveway before and suspected that it was not mine, especially since there was a man walking to and fro in the street.  When I looked, the man was no longer walking but was lying in the street on his back.  I thanked the gentleman for his kindness and put on more clothing and grabbed by cell phone and camera and went to investigate.

A white Dodge Dakota Sport pickup truck was mingled with my poor old F-150.  The man was lying on his back in the street with his feet toward the curb and his head toward the center line.

While the damage to my truck was a concern, the man in the street was my priority.

When I approached him to ask if he was OK he responded, “No, I don’t know where the hell I am.”  When I asked whether he needed some help he said, “You can help me by telling me where the hell I am.”

I informed him that he was lying in the street.  He said that He knew that but did not know where he was.  I informed him that he had an accident with his truck and that he was lying in the street.  He replied saying that he knew that but did not know where he was.  I told him that he needed to move out of the street so that he would not be run over by passing cars but he did not want to move.  He eventually said that he had a few drinks.

Uh huh.

When other vehicles came, I stood waving them away from the fallen man.  Two of the passers by, two ladies, parked their vehicles and approached to try to be of assistance.  I finally persuaded the man that he needed to move to the lawn where he would be safe, and he extended his hand upward for help rising.  But as he rose to about a 30 degree angle he softly said, “Ow, ow.”  Then I noticed the blood on the pavement and felt the back of his head and received a handful of blood.  I said, “O.K.  You need to stay right there until an ambulance arrives.  I’ll get a flashlight to direct traffic so you don’t get run over.”

Apparently he was unaware of being injured.  It seems that he must have begun to step onto the curb, lost his balance, and fell backward onto the roadway, hitting his head and splitting his scalp somewhat.

After easing him back to his lying position, he then reached for his cigarettes and lit one up to smoke while he lay awaiting whatever would come next.  I moved his glasses so that they would not be stepped upon.  He said that he did not want me to call an ambulance.  I informed him that I had to as he was injured.

911 is absurd.  When I called the questions asked of me were ludicrous.  I informed the lady that she needed to get an ambulance to the scene now and that I was done talking with her as I needed to keep the man from being run over.

When the police officers arrived, they seemed to be more concerned about gathering evidence for a DUI conviction than they were about the man’s safety.  They repeatedly referred to me as a victim, which I did not fully realize until later.  The first officer was really very rude.

When the paramedics arrived, they checked the man briefly and loaded him onto a gurney and secured his neck and head and loaded him into the ambulance and transported him to a hospital.

Now it was safe to take pictures of the accident scene, now that the man was safer, no longer in danger of being run over.

Police and emergency vehicles filled the streets with pretty colored lights flashing everywhere.  My little camera and my knowledge of its functions limited the clarity of the photos. Nevertheless, this was the scene.

Here is my part of the police report minus the signature.

I asked the police officer to let me scan it after he gave his part but he said that this was not allowed because of the insurance companies.  I later learned what this means.  I do not know whether or not he knew the real reason but the insurance company did.  The City of Wichita delays the publishing of the report so as to be able to charge the insurance company a fee of $16.00.

Because of this, the man’s insurance company could not assist me immediately.  They were unable to obtain the official report from the City of Wichita and they could not contact their client.  Presumably he was unavailable to return their calls while in jail and then was afraid to answer his phone.

By the way, it turns out that the man lives one block from our house.  In fact, I had to ride my bicycle for transportation to and from the bank, and on my way I saw his truck parked in front of his apartment.  He had it back from the impound lot in driveable condition.  I was left with a crumpled truck forced to a 45 degree angle onto the lawn.  As it turns out, I could actually see his pickup from my driveway.  Incredible!

It was truly disheartening to me that my neighbor did this to me and then took absolutely no care whatsoever for my well-being.  He knew the trouble that he caused me but did nothing to facilitate getting me back on the road and back to work in my tree business.  I dared not allow myself to think about it for very long as it made me angry.  Anger is not a good thing, at least not if allowed to fester.

Amazingly the damage to my irresponsible neighbor’s pickup was comparatively minimal.  My poor old friend was totaled.

Prior to my neighbor’s indiscretion my truck was parked straight in the driveway, backed in as is my usual manner.  But not after he jumped the curb and slammed into it.

As the following photo shows, the front frame was shifted at least 6 inches rightward.  My poor, faithful, old friend was done in.

Replacing him makes me feel like I am betraying an old friend.  That is silly, as it is only a truck, but I do feel that way.  It served me well for many years and miles.

Stephanie and I both give thanks that this did not occur during a time when I could have been under the truck servicing it.  That truly would have been messy.

The old, faithful, gray truck with leprosy but guts and grit has been towed away.  My stomach hurts when I think of it.  Yet, through this, though it has set us back financially, God has provided that I have a newer truck as a replacement.  It seems to be a good truck, too, a 1997 versus the older 1990.  It has fewer miles and better paint and an air conditioner that works.  So in the end, God has again worked good for us, even through difficult circumstances.

If we are willing to see it, He does this in all things, even as St. Paul assures us.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Fluoride for Us?

The Kansas Health Foundation is advertizing to promote fluoridation of municipal water in Kansas and especially in Wichita.  From their promotional site, Fluoridefor.Us they have this on their opening page:

Is this factual?  Is this based upon solid and honest scientific research?

Knowledgeable Wichitans have fought hard to protect the citizens from this arbitrary and abusive usurpation of civil rights.  Why is it being pressed upon us with this propaganda?

The Fluoride Action Network: has a web site providing genuine facts about fluoride, facts from real scientists and health professionals.  Concerned citizens should visit this informative site.

From their site at their Videos page, various videos are offered, two of which are available below:

Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation

Ralph Nader on Water Fluoridation

At Fluoride for Us they use information such as 52% of certain groups have been categorized as having oral health problems.

Is this news?  Why don’t they address the real cause of these problems and especially tooth decay?  Why don’t they call for abandoning the use of high fructose corn syrup and of carbonated drinks?  Instead of seeking to address the causes of tooth decay and other oral health problems, they push to add a neurotoxin that injures our nervous system and depletes our bones of calcium as well as sometimes causing sterility.


What are you putting into your body/mouth?

We recently had to purchase replacements for our Sonicare toothbrushes, which are highly recommended by our dentist and hygienist.  Admittedly, they are a very good means for promoting healthy dental hygiene.  They are gentle and effective.

However, today I decided to check where the toothbrush head is made, wondering whether I may be putting toxic materials into my mouth for two or more minutes twice each day.

Sure enough!  Made in China!

I decided then to check our Oral B toothbrushes that the hygienist gave to us.  The package does not say where they are made.  So I called the 800 number for Oral B.  I was told that there is a code embedded in the neck of the plastic handle just beneath the bristles.  No code.  So the lady told me that it could be made in one of three locales: Ireland, Iowa, or China.

Should I be concerned?  China openly states its desire to conquer the USA and the world.  China kills its own people, beginning with their babies, both through abortion and worse, through abandonment of unwanted infants.  China is known for repeatedly using poisonous substances in their manufacturing as well as in food products.

Can I trust using a toothbrush made in China?

Do I have a choice?

How is it that everything is made in China?

How is it possible to ship raw materials half way around the world and then to ship the finished product back again more efficiently than to produce the products where the materials and the end users originate?

It is not possible.  At least, this is true if the same standards of materials and safety and health are required.  So what are we sticking into our mouths?  What are we holding in our most absorbent areas that lead directly to our blood vessels and directly to our hearts and brains?

We should remember that for people with heart trouble nitroglycerin tablets placed under the tongue produce immediate results for their hearts.  Should we expect anything less regarding anything else that we stick into our mouths?

And what about that blue coloring in the toothbrush that fades away to indicate that the toothbrush should be replaced?  Of what is that coloring made?  Moreover, if that dye is being dissolved and subsequently absorbed into our bloodstream, should we not realize that other substances also are being dissolved and absorbed?

Is anyone paying attention?  Is anyone concerned?

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy Independence Day! Finale?

The Declaration of Independence from the tyrannical lordship of centralized banking under King George and the Bank of England is what is celebrated on this day ever since 1776.  Born from this Declaration and the final triumph of the “American Revolution” was the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights.

However, those whom the founders of this nation and their followers overthrew did not surrender.  They continually worked to regain control of the colonies throughout the world.  While England was no longer overtly controlling the world, the controllers of England continued to exert their influence.  For the real tyrants have always been the bankers, and they have learned very powerful and subtle ways of controlling people and societies and nations and governments.  In 1913 their final foothold was established which has been extended throughout the world.

But monetary control was not enough to gain absolute control.  Thus the United Nations was formed and with it eventually the UN Agenda 21.

The John Birch Society on its informative posting “Agenda 21: How Will It Affect You? ” offers the following explanatory video.  It is very informative and well worth viewing.

This video is very polite and quite unoffensive.  Yet is does give a good start to understanding the real agenda of the globalists.  A search on Agenda 21 will result in many additional sites supplying information.

This year the city of Wichita had no listing of fireworks being offered.  What does this mean?  Fireworks are displayed after baseball games and for the River Festival but not for the celebration of the birth of this nation in which innumerable blessings and liberties have been enjoyed by many.

Yet my wife and I both observed that it seemed that more fireworks were purchased and used this year in Wichita by the individual citizens.  Is this significant?  It was my perception that people are sensing the erosion of our freedoms and are nostalgically clinging to this celebratory exhibition at an individual level.  Is it a last hurrah, or perhaps a hopeful cry for restoration of what has been stolen from us?

But the Fourth of July celebration of Independence Day is not really about fireworks, but what the fireworks represent.  And what do they represent?  They represent the shared beliefs that unified and motivated men to stand for those who would otherwise be enslaved to tyranny.  They believed in the God of the Bible who declared His Holy Will for mankind.  While they did not all truly believe in this God as He reveals Himself through the Holy Scriptures, a.k.a.., The Bible, they did believe in the existence of the Scriptures as the revelation of the Creator of the World and of mankind.  They believed that this God not only created the world but also ordered it and actively preserves it and rules over the nations through both good men and evil men, working both to the good.  They believed that this God established families and extended families and governance, all under His proclaimed family and that in this governance that the strong should protect the weak and their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These men believed this so strongly that they everlastingly declared : “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Ultimately, this is what has been lost in America.  Some would say that all gods are alike, but no god is even remotely like the God of the Bible.  God’s like Allah do not motivate men to sacrifice themselves for the weak and the poor and the stranger.  Only the God of the Bible, even when He is known impurely and incorrectly, only this God changes men’s hearts in this way.

Once upon a time, America was a land united through belief in this God and His ways, and the entire world benefitted from this unity.  Certainly America has not lived up to this rich and laudable heritage, as many evils have been done in America and by Americans and their government.  Yet innumerable blessings and protections also have occurred.  For these it is truly appropriate to give thanks and to celebrate.  It also is due cause for standing together once again and overthrowing the tyrants while it can still be done through the voting booth.

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