Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

What is Memorial Day? Is it more than an opportunity for some to escape the mundane activities of their regular weekly work routine?

The intended purpose of the day was to remember the dedication, love, and sacrifice of those who have stood together with their fellow countrymen in defending those precious unalienable rights that are adamantly declared in the Declaration of Independence as belonging to all men on account of being endowed by their Creator. Among those unalienable rights endowed by our Creator the Declaration of Independence specifically lists three: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

With this firm belief the founders of the USA stood against the King of England and His military forces, standing together to defend and protect these Truths and Rights from those who would manipulate governing authority so as to limit or steal away entirely these Truths and Rights from men and their posterity. After the King tried to quell this uprising in the name of Truth and Liberty, after the ensuing war was concluded and the King withdrew and brought his military forces home to England, the freedom proponents set forth to establish a form of government that would keep these “self-evident Truths” and “unalienable Rights” as the very foundation upon which the United States of America would be built and kept standing.

The result of these efforts was the writing and ratification of the Constitution for the United States of America.

The belief in the government that these Articles establish for the sake of protecting and preserving such governance that all men may live and enjoy these blessings of their Creator has held the people of the USA together for many years. This belief has moved many to offer up all that they have, even their very lives, in defense against those they were told would destroy this Constitution and government. In thanks to God for such people and their devotion and sacrifice, in remembrance of these things and the value thereof, Memorial Day has been made a national holiday.

Does it still have the same meaning among us today? Surely many do still observe Memorial Day in this way, insofar as they are able. But does Memorial Day still mean the same to us as it did in years gone by? Can it still mean the same when in the hearts of many Americans the Constitution has been divorced from the Creator by whom the unalienable rights defined in this constitution exist? If the Creator who bestows the rights is denied and ignored and in many cases even defied, how long will the rights that He bestows continue to be honored for all men? How long can a nation stand when the very cause of its unity is denied and ignored and in many cases outright defied?

The change that swept over this nation within the last several generations, the change that is accelerating today beyond comprehension, is this not cause for deep concern and sincere reevaluation? Is the change that is needed really a change in the nation and its governance, or is a change of heart of those being governed the change that is really needed?

What exactly are the people of this nation holding in memorial today? How many even know? How many still believe that it matters?

Memorial Day is a day that calls the people of the nation to look and think beyond themselves and their own personal desires, to consider and remember what is best for all men and where this ultimate good finds its source. Are you able to remember? Are you willing to remember?

To what and whom will you turn this Memorial Day?