Friday, July 06, 2012

What are you putting into your body/mouth?

We recently had to purchase replacements for our Sonicare toothbrushes, which are highly recommended by our dentist and hygienist.  Admittedly, they are a very good means for promoting healthy dental hygiene.  They are gentle and effective.

However, today I decided to check where the toothbrush head is made, wondering whether I may be putting toxic materials into my mouth for two or more minutes twice each day.

Sure enough!  Made in China!

I decided then to check our Oral B toothbrushes that the hygienist gave to us.  The package does not say where they are made.  So I called the 800 number for Oral B.  I was told that there is a code embedded in the neck of the plastic handle just beneath the bristles.  No code.  So the lady told me that it could be made in one of three locales: Ireland, Iowa, or China.

Should I be concerned?  China openly states its desire to conquer the USA and the world.  China kills its own people, beginning with their babies, both through abortion and worse, through abandonment of unwanted infants.  China is known for repeatedly using poisonous substances in their manufacturing as well as in food products.

Can I trust using a toothbrush made in China?

Do I have a choice?

How is it that everything is made in China?

How is it possible to ship raw materials half way around the world and then to ship the finished product back again more efficiently than to produce the products where the materials and the end users originate?

It is not possible.  At least, this is true if the same standards of materials and safety and health are required.  So what are we sticking into our mouths?  What are we holding in our most absorbent areas that lead directly to our blood vessels and directly to our hearts and brains?

We should remember that for people with heart trouble nitroglycerin tablets placed under the tongue produce immediate results for their hearts.  Should we expect anything less regarding anything else that we stick into our mouths?

And what about that blue coloring in the toothbrush that fades away to indicate that the toothbrush should be replaced?  Of what is that coloring made?  Moreover, if that dye is being dissolved and subsequently absorbed into our bloodstream, should we not realize that other substances also are being dissolved and absorbed?

Is anyone paying attention?  Is anyone concerned?


Gary Cepek said...

Hello Paul,
Thanks for the post. It also raises thoughts about toothpaste ingredients, about floss materials, etc.; even about techniques in cleaning teeth, even about the food which goes into one's mouth, about eating to both promote and maintain dental health, even about rinsing one's mouth.
I find that the evaluation of these and so much more, always accomplishes two things, seemingly at odds with each other: I grow somewhat in my understanding of these things and tweak my practices; but my human limitations rise up before me, since such evaluation is impossible for my human mind to do fully enough so that I can say: "I've got this figured out and under control."
Thank you for encouraging the exercise of good stewardship of our dying bodies while we wait for our Savior's return. May His Spirit grant His people diligence to pursue information and faith to place the disposition of these things in His caring hands, which never fail to make all things work together for good, for those who love Him, whom He has called according to His purpose.

Gary Cepek

Nys Cof said...

Unbelievably, fluoridation chemicals come from China also. A city in Massachusetts had to end fluoridation because an unknown contaminant in its Chinese-bought fluoridation chemicals were clogging up the water system.

Sacramento Water Employees were told crystalline fluoridation chemicals are no longer produced in the US and come from China, Japan and Belgium. the CDC strongly recommended that they only buy US made fluoridation be chemicals because the foreign fluoride messed up the system. You should ask the Kansas Health Foundation, which is trying to force-feed Wichita residents fluoride where the fluoridation chemicals come from and what other contaminants they contain. If they don't know, then they need to get out of the fluoridation business.

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Wow! I suppose this is because the aluminum and fertilizers are being made in China. But even their poisons are of low quality! Ha! Who would have guessed that even the Chinese produced fluoride is faulty to the point of clogging the water systems? Wow!

As far as getting out of the fluoridation business, that is exactly what they should do. No one should be in this evil and illegitimate business at all.

Thanks for sharing.