Monday, March 19, 2012

Attack Dogs used on a High School Walkout in MD

Has this been in the news? It is the first that I have seen of it.

Dogs used on a HS Students. Four Arrested For “Thought Crimes"

From what I’ve been reading elsewhere, the nutrition is indeed a cause of concern, especially with the “pink slime” and other toxic additives that are being used in government school lunches.

While I don’t know enough about the various issues of concern to these high school students to attempt to address these issues, the fact that the government has this much control over the populace horrifies me. I never realized the extent to which this reaches until my wife began working for the government schools and began talking about the laws that she daily encounters.

Growing up I never realized what the truancy laws were. I never realized that the parental excuse and doctor’s written excuses were needed because I was being held hostage by the legal system. I always thought that this was merely part of the requirements of being a responsible student. I had no clue regarding the fact that missing class was a crime for which my parents would be held accountable.

A few years ago when I became aware of this I was truly horrified. I was deeply shocked to realize that this has been in force for all of my life apart from my awareness. I was very troubled to realize that this depth of mind control and social programming has been forced upon us for such a long time.

What is more is that the government schools are a farce and a joke. They are inefficient. They demand more and more taxes of the populace and accomplish less and less. This was as true when I was a youngster as it is today.

I was blessed to attend our church’s parochial school through the sixth grade. My first year in the government school was like a general review. The next year we were made aware of the advanced classes and I began learning something again. But there was also the continual bombardment of false information, especially in the history and social departments. I was being taught that the way to get laws changed is to challenge them by breaking them so that they would be reviewed by the courts. This was called civil disobedience and was the only real means taught for changing laws.

Thus these kids in Maryland first think of a walkout rather than talking to their parents and discussing the ways of addressing these issues through the school board and through demanding changes in legislation. Thus the government first teaches the students to be “activists” and law breakers, to cause civil unrest, and then arrests them for doing as they have been taught to do. That principal ought to be fired for his duplicity. The police chief also should be fired for promotion of terrorism.

Most importantly, the truancy laws should be overturned. The citizens should not be required by law to subject themselves to educational tyranny. If people do not want an education, or they simply do not want to be forced into government social modification programs, they should be free to seek their own means of education or even to remain ignorant if they so choose. Most of all, the entire populace should not be forced to pay for these social modification programs that always demand more money.

I often feel bewildered by the fact that the government’s religion is forcibly taught to the nation’s children and most people express no real objection. The result is that true freedom has been nearly entirely obliterated.

Just think, if parents decide that they do not want their children to be subjected to the government’s required (accredited) curricula, the government sends its enforcers to take the children from the parents. If a citizen does not want to support the government’s enforced indoctrination programs and refuses to pay the required program fees (property taxes), the government confiscates the citizen’s home and property. Parents who want to educate their own children must receive special permission from the government and must use the government’s curricula.

If the children object and stage a walk out, the government enforcers are sent with tasers and clubs and guns and attack dogs to hold them hostage.

Yet the people blithely ignore these government reeducation/indoctrination concentration camps and imagine that the freedom envisioned by the founders of this nation still exists. And this is just what is observed in the government enforced education system.

Is it time yet for us to become concerned?

This information does seem to shed some light upon what the usual candidates for office support with their support of the Federal Department of Education and “No child left behind.” That is for sure, no child is left behind, they all are dragged off together to the same locked down facilities. Well, at least we can take comfort knowing that the Obama, Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum have consistently pressed for more taxes to support the Department of Ed. Surely we can count on them for more of the same.

Ah, what a relief!

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