Thursday, March 15, 2012

This makes me sick!

This truly makes me sick, and angry!

Veterans Outraged Over American Flag With Obama Image

The US flag has very deliberate design and meaning. The thirteen stripes stand as a perpetual reminder of this nation’s beginning. It was formed by thirteen individual states, representing the people of those states, coming together to form a union of states of people. The stars represent the growth of this union of states, now composed of 50 states standing together, yet still separate states representing the people. These stars represent us, the people, standing together in the unity of the solidarity defined in the constitution.

To replace this with one individual is to overthrow all that the flag represents. It is to overthrow freedom: liberty and justice for all. It is to supplant liberty with tyranny. This is the way of those promoting tyrannical dictatorships.

It is saddening to observe that anyone in the US would do such a thing as this.

But, in a nation where treaty upon treaty with the American Indians was violated and where slaves were imported and held hostage and where legal and loyal immigrants were taken to concentration camps without cause and more than 56 million innocents have been brutally murdered, perhaps it is not surprising that something like this will occur.

The list of usurpations seems endless. From the illegal theft of our money supply by the FED and the subsequent creation of the agency of illegal confiscation of income and property to the creation of agencies that prevent free use of property to the FDA that prevents sale of wholesome foods and promotes toxic food additives and drugs. Who can even list the number of abuses?

Yet still, that anyone would do as the creators of this flag have done, shocks me.

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