Monday, March 19, 2012

Real Costs of Inflation

The following data is from the Federal Reserve Misinformation Page.

2000  -  -  3.4%
2001  -  -  2.8%
2002  -  -  1.6%
2003  -  -  2.3%
2004  -  -  2.7%
2005  -  -  3.4%
2006  -  -  3.2%
2007  -  -  2.9%
2008  -  -  3.8%
2009  -  -  -0.4%
2010  -  -  1.6%
2011  -  -  3.2%
2012  -  -  3.3%

Is there anyone in the world who actually believes these reported rates of inflation? Is there anyone who actually purchases daily need items, such as groceries, who believes that these figures even come close to representing the increases in costs that have been imposed upon us?

Some months the costs have increased by these percentages in those singular months!

What is more is that for many items not only had the cost risen for the item, but the size of the item has been reduced as well.

The article that drew my attention to this chart is How the Fed Steals for the 1%.

This article makes its point without even having to challenge the falsified data. Even using the misrepresentative figures that the FED bankers publish, the theft of our wealth is demonstrated in shocking measure. If the real inflation rates were used, it would be even more shocking.

This article effectively demonstrates how much better off Americans were when the Constitution still was the law of the land and Congress controlled our money supply. After the international bankers were given control of the money supply through allowing them to create the separate banking entity of the Federal Reserve, Income Taxes were instituted to take our incomes from us to give to these bankers for the privilege of using our own money. Now we have to pay them for the privilege of having a monetary system. The founding fathers provided a monetary system that would cost us nothing. Why do Americans fail to see that this is a far better and prosperous way? Why do Americans fail to see that we should first replace the politicians who enslave us to the FED, and then, replace the FED with our own monetary supply again?

The issue before us seems to be the lack of understanding that people have regarding what the FED really is. This is on account of the Federally controlled indoctrination system, mislabeled as “public education.”

Here is an oversimplification of what the FED is. While it is an oversimplification, it still makes the point of which most people are unaware.

Let’s say I come to you when you are paying your bills and I draw your attention to the fact that you have a fluctuation in the amount of money in your wallet or checking account as you pay your bills. Then I offer to help you stabilize your money supply by changing the method by which you receive your money. Then I take all of your money from your wallet and your checking and savings accounts and from your pensions and other assets. In place of your money, I offer you a new money supply, one that has my name on it and which I control. I then will control the amount of this money that is available to you. Before you can use this money, you must purchase this money from me. (This is how I take your money in the first place.)

You purchase my money from me for an additional fee, called interest. Then you must pay me this interest for as long as this money is in circulation. Naturally, because the interest continues to accumulate, more money must be purchased to put into circulation. This money naturally has interest which you and your children and all future generations will pay to me. I do not pay anything for the money that I sell to you at interest.

When you need more money to pay me more interest, I will simply invent more monetary units to sell to you. I will not do any work to obtain these monetary units. I will not pay anything for them. I will not supply any collateral for backing of the value. It is actually your future income that I use for backing the value of my money. Therefore, you must work and earn money in order for my money to have value. Moreover, in order for you to earn this money, you must first borrow it from me. I get away with this because you have established my money as the legal currency that you are legally required to accept and use.

Moreover, any costs that I incur for printing and accounting I will charge to you. Which of course will mean that you will have to buy more monetary units from me. Moreover, every time that I make more monetary units available to you, the value of the monetary units that you now have will become devalued so that more are needed to make the same purchases of regular goods. Thus even more money will be needed. This is called inflation, which is guaranteed to be incurred perpetually.

So that future generations will not realize that I am an entity entirely separate from you and family (nation/government), I will use a name that sounds like your family (nation/government). I will call myself the Federal Reserve which sounds like I am actually of your family and that I actually have reserves of value that guarantee value for my money that you purchase from me. Of course I have no reserves other than your enslavement to the use of my money and I certainly am not of your family. But that is the beauty of using this name for myself. It tricks you into unwavering fidelity and loyalty to me, and saves me from having to care about you in any way whatsoever. I can use this name and this system to make you work and invest to make me unimaginably wealthy and powerful.

While the actual deceptive ploys are somewhat more intricate than this, this really is what the Federal Reserve and every other central bank in the world is and does.

Then these bankers also fabricate data to tell us that the rate of inflation and suffering is not nearly what our own senses and reason indicate.

It saddens me and even angers me that my fellow Americans close their eyes and minds to what is happening so that they continue to support these bankers who promote going to war with other nations under the guise of protecting America’s interests. How is it that my fellow Americans are unwilling to see that it is not interests but interest that is being protected and propagated. Every one of these invasions gives these bankers control of yet another nation’s economy. Every one of these invasions is paid for by our government, which means increased money supply, which means increased interest for the FED bankers. Trillions upon TRILLIONS of dollars are being added to the debt, debt that is held by the FED bankers. So we pay them to make war on other nations, nations upon whom they impose their monetary control. We go bankrupt to help enslave people who are already poor and struggling for survival.

Worst of all, the Obama, Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum all support this as “god-fearing” representatives. And the people follow and chant, “God bless America! God bless our troops!”

Then they go to the supermarket and attack and abuse and curse the poor grocery clerk for “ripping them off.”

I still cringe when I remember Michelle Obama’s statement that for the first time she was proud of her country. But now I am beginning to understand that what this means is that now her husband is one of the elite who actually own us as a country. Is that perhaps what she means by “Her Country”? She certainly seems to enjoy her vacation trips to Hawaii that we give her.


Wake up, America!

Argh! Argh! Argh!

- - -

You know, it is really sad because I cannot turn off my love for this country and her people and all who could benefit from who we are, or at least once were and could be again. Certainly this nation has never been a perfect nation, nor even truly righteous. Yet we have been blessed beyond any fathomable accounting. We have enjoyed freedom and prosperity. We have also enjoyed the benefit of our marvelous Constitution and Bill of Rights. So far, these still exist.

As I consider these, and especially the freedom that we have enjoyed in proclaiming the Gospel, I still rejoice and give thanks. I still want to cry out to my countrymen and even to the world with thanks to God for what we have enjoyed, what we still enjoy, and what could be preserved for future generations. I am even willing to make sacrifices toward this end, but what sacrifices are really even needed? Is it really a sacrifice to be willing to vote for someone who actually represents these things that provide such enormous blessings?

What an oddball, hey?

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