Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scientists Hail Alzheimer's Breakthrough

Yep! They surely do! Alzheimer’s is breaking through in ever increasing numbers and those who stand to profit from it are excited. In Scientists Hail Alzheimer's Breakthrough it is reported:

Scientists who have generated brain tissue from human skin are claiming a major breakthrough.

. . .

Their findings were published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Created cerebral cortex cells — those that make up the brain’s grey matter — will allow them to "recreate brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, in the lab," they wrote, providing "previously impossible insight."

It may also allow them to develop and test new drugs to stop the diseases from progressing.

In this article there is not a single mention of the things that have been proven to promote the neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Autism. Not a word is mentioned about scientists being excited to be able to warn people about the chemicals added to their foods and water and vaccines and household items that are directly contributing to these neurological disorders.

Not one word is stated about what people could be doing to help prevent the onset of these diseases.

Why not?

Such things cannot be patented. Such news would reduce the false perception of the need for new drugs. If people were avoiding the things that cause these diseases, what need would there be for such elaborate and expensive research? If people stopped developing these neurological problems, what need would they have for drugs to treat the symptoms? If people (and insurance) did not purchase these expensive drugs, who would pay for these “scientists” to grow brain tissue (and whatever else) in laboratories?

When one ponders the “testing” that is done, on whom are these tests performed? Presumably on people suffering from Alzheimer’s. If so, who “volunteers” them? Do these test subjects even know?

Does anyone ask these questions? Does anyone care?

If people with Alzheimer’s are volunteered for testing, on whom else can this tactic be used? How about the military personnel? How about all who are exposed to whatever comes from chem trails? How about people who drink municipal water and rural water? How about children in the government schools?

For more information regarding the food additives that the government and so-called scientists are not providing, check a few sources like these:

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