Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Are Christians So Hateful?

One of the questions that I sometimes encounter is the question of why Christians are so hateful. Have you encountered that question? Have you asked that question yourself?

The answer to this question may surprise you.

The answer is that they are not. Christians are not hateful.

If in your perception Christians are hateful, consider the following possible explanations.

  • Those whom you are judging as hateful are not really Christians.
  • Those whom you are judging as hateful are being judged according to your own prejudices and hatefulness.
  • You do not understand as clearly as you imagine the actions of those whom you are judging.
  • You do not understand the reasons for the actions that you judge as hateful.
  • The hatefulness that you observed was indeed hateful, but something from which that person or persons would repent if confronted in the name of the Lord and with His Word.
  • Those you judge as hateful are unaware of how their actions affect you or others.
  • Your perception of hatefulness is one that views everyone as hateful, with one possible exception, namely yourself.
  • You hate everyone, including yourself.
  • You have experienced so much hurt in your life that everything and everyone is viewed with fearfulness of being hurt.
  • You really don’t have a clear definition of love.
  • Your definition of love is skewed.
  • You simply don’t like Christians and refuse to admit that they show love in their lives and actions.
  • You have adopted a religious or philosophical or world view that does not allow you to see Christians as loving.
  • You are a hypocrite.
  • You are simply a moron.
  • Various combinations of the above.

The fact is that Christians are not hateful. Many who claim to be Christians are hateful. But Christians are not hateful. Christians are, however, sinners whose lives do have sinful actions. Some of these sinful actions may indeed be hateful actions. But one who is truly a Christian will acknowledge such actions as sinful and wrong and be turned from them through honest confrontation. While a Christian may indeed display a sinful and hateful action, such cannot continue in a Christian. It is not possible. The Epistle of 1 John makes this as plain as it is possible to state the matter. Read it and see.

Thus, if you honestly believe one who professes to be a Christian to be acting contrary to true love, as the Lord Himself defines it through His own sacrificial life and through His Scriptures, kindly address this matter of concern with that person. But don’t make an everlasting fool of yourself by insisting that Christians are hateful or unloving, because the facts are against you.

If you are one who professes to be a Christian and you persistently hear that you are unloving or hateful, consider the source of the accusation. Then examine yourself in the light of the accusation and in the light of God’s Word. Hear the concern for what it is. If it proves to be false, then simply walk away from it and leave it behind. If it is true, then trust the one whom you confess as your God and receive the change of heart and mind that He promises to work in you through His means of grace. Receive His forgiveness and love for yourself, live in it for yourself, and let it pour forth to all whom you encounter in your walk of faith.

Finally, remember that this is a continual event in the life of a Christian. Hearing the Word of the Lord so as to be turned from that which is false and wrong to that which is true and good, namely, Christ and His means of grace in His Church, this is the life of a Christian. True Christians are a rare find. It has always been so. Thus rejoice when you do find one and embrace that one as a brother or sister.

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Butterfly Mage said...

I hate to say it, but your argument that hateful Christians aren't "really" Christians is a bogus argument. Have you never heard of the "No True Scotsman" argument? It is a flawed debate tactic used by people who want to excuse their group when one of their own behaves badly.

Also, your answer of "You might be a moron" is hardly indicative of Christians not being hateful.

I hate to break it to you, but Christians are some of the most hateful people on the planet. they rejoice when gay teens commit suicide. They blame earthquakes on Voodoo. They gloat when people they don't like come to bad ends. They deify bad leaders like George W. Bush and Pat Robertson. They protest military funerals because. They have a relentless, caustic, and very expensive persecution of the GLBT population (despite the fact that gays make up only 4% of America and pretty much only want the same rights everyone else has.) Christians love to shield pedophile priests from prosecution. Christians seem to think the NRA is a charity. Need I go on?

Oh, and when I get run off the road because my car has a Pentacle bumper sticker, the guy with the road rage usually has a Jesus Fish affixed to his rear bumper.

Anonymous said...

"you might be a moron" WOW buddy, you just nailed yourself to the cross on that one. deny your false god and wake up. there is no hell. it's time for you to begin living in the kingdom at heaven which is at hand.

Joe said...

Butterfly Mage, I wonder how many Christians you actually know? The only "Christians" I know who do the things you assert are phony TV evangelists and groups like the Westboro "Baptist Church", which do not represent the vast majority of Christians and while it is not in my ability to determine who is and who is not a Christian (because we all sin), people who do the things you list are not behaving in a Christlike fashion (see the first two bullets in the post above). Your President Bush comment is not only inaccurate because you use the word "deify", but also has nothing to do with hatred.

I must agree with both of you that "you are simply a moron" is not a great argument.

Aquaria said...

Oh, please. Your religion is hateful. That's why so many of you turn out hateful.

And if you think it isn't, you haven't read your genocidal hate manual. You've just taken someone else's word for what's in it.

If you'd actually read that vile disgusting book all the way through, and without running to your con men shamans for help "interpreting" away the evil in it, you'd know that.