Sunday, February 26, 2012


How much of what is wrong in the world and in the nation really needs to be reported and recounted? Surely there is a need for warning about things that are dangerous and destructive. But there seems to be no end to it! There seems to be a necessity to point to the evils that are and will be coming, but is there a limit to what needs to be said?

Ultimately, the Gospel is what we need to hear. Warning of the bad things that are happening and of what is to come ultimately needs to serve the purpose of showing the foolishness of imagining that fixing these things is within our power, so that instead of trying to make things right ourselves, we lift up our heads and see that our redemption draws nigh.

We need mostly to hear God’s promises. We need to hear that He is in control of all things. Many times Christians say this as a cop out, as a sort of trite saying. But He is in control and He is working to bring us unto salvation.

And this is why “God is in control” must never be used as a cliche. For we are dependent upon certain things and we must not allow those to be diminished in our lives. The truth must never be compromised. The Gospel must never be mingled with alternatives. The means of grace must not be reduced to mere symbolic acts on our part, but must be guarded and kept for the powerfully efficacious restoratives that God declares them to be.

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