Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Crazy! Sheep herded by Rabbit!

I became aware of this video at another blog.

I found two articles confirming this as being real.

Sheep herding Swedish bunny a hit online

Wool I never ... a rabbit herding sheep

This is quite amazing. It says a lot about sheep. It seems unfathomable that an animal the size of a sheep would allow a little 7-12 pound rabbit to tell it what to do and run it in circles.

Is it any wonder that the Bible calls people sheep? Without a proper shepherd, people are just like this herd of sheep.

Here is a longer version of the video if you prefer:

On another interesting and funny note, when I was young we had a little 4.5 pound dog, Leroy, a Chipoo, half Chihuahua and half Toy Poodle. He was an amazing little dog. He would actually pull us on our bicycle. But this little dog also played with the cottontails. Dad would stand laughing as he watched. Leroy and the rabbits would take turns chasing one another. Leroy would chase a rabbit across the garden. Then the rabbit would chase Leroy back. This would go on till they both were tired.

Sorry, Dad never captured it with photos or videos.

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