Saturday, February 25, 2012

What a Sellout!

As I have been following the news concerning the “Republican” candidates, a recent development has been that the notion of Romney and Paul forming an alliance could be a real and true development. This notion is out of the blue, and yet I found myself being sucked into it. As I pondered the possibility, I thought of the many other sellouts throughout my lifetime. How many of those who claimed to be proponents of what is right and true were actually the opposite of what they claimed? I wondered whether Paul was finally being shown to be just another fraud. I began thinking that if this were true, Paul would never have my respect and trust again.

But what seemed to be apparent just did not fit with anything that Ron Paul actually said or did himself. So I researched on my own. More and more I concluded that Ron Paul was being set up and misrepresented in order to make people think that Ron Paul was really just like the rest. After watching two videos I was nearly absolutely convinced that this was all a mainstream ploy.

The following two videos can be found at Ron Paul on CNN State of the Union 2/19/12.

In this first video the CNN propagandist tries to establish an association between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Ron Paul very politely acknowledges that there is a tiny agreement on one issue, that of taxes. He also politely acknowledges that Romney seems to have a better management style than the other two candidates. But then he proceeds, still politely, to state unequivocally that all three of the other candidates are the same and that he is uncomfortable with them on all any of the issues, saying, “But as far as the issues go, I’m uncomfortable with all three of them. I think, I think that they’re the status quo, and that they’re not change. . . . they don’t really want to change anything. That’s what I’m offering.” At this point the woman quickly ends the interview.

In the following clip the same CNN woman attempts to present the notion that the Ron Paul candidacy is an impossible win scenario. Over and over she presses this notion, which the congressman politely shuts down with facts. In polite frustration she closes the interview.

Yesterday I was excited to have my conclusion affirmed by what is stated in this article and interview at Insider Says Talk of Paul-Romney Alliance is “Establishment Trick”.

Here is the video of the interview for ease of access:

Lew Rockwell Dispells Ron Paul VP Rumor as "Establishment Trick"

Wow, this is really in-your-face honest appraisal and apprisal!

Frankly, I am very weary of researching this sort of thing as well as “reporting” it on my blog and in conversations. I really do not like doing this.

However, I am not as weary of this as I am of so-called Christians who perpetually say that they must choose the lesser of two evils. They do this in their church bodies. They do this in their congregations. They do this in their jobs and other secular associations. They do this in their voting practices. They do this in their own life decisions.

So where exactly do they stand regarding the truth?

What exactly marks the typical Christians as Christian?

Where do Christians today actually turn to hear the truth? How is the truth really defined? How much compromise can be made and still have the truth?

In mainstream Christianity the truth is hard to identify. What do “Christians” really believe? What does it really mean to be Pro-Life? What does it really mean to love peace? Where is forgiveness really found? What does love really look like? Does the Gospel actually have a clearly defined and unalterable message?

I really am tired of studying politics. Yet how can I ignore them? How can I simply turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what is happening around me? How can I not be concerned about the globalist agenda that is in full bloom in every corner of the world and especially in these formerly United States of America? How can wars upon wars and millions upon millions of war tragedies not concern me? How can I not be concerned as I see my neighbors struggling for survival in a country that has unprecedented abundance of resources and opportunity?

Yesterday I stopped at the deli in the supermarket and bought a quarter pound of fried chicken livers. The price per pound the last time that I purchased any, about six months ago, was $3.99/lb. Yesterday the price was $4.99/lb. The lady explained that with fuel costs rising, etc., that prices continue to rise. I reminded her that this already happened with the last fuel price rise and that the prices never went back down. All she could do is shrug, and I acknowledged the futility of complaining to one who has no say in the matter. She just smiled, as most people do when I acknowledge this, be it with a phone customer service person or a bank teller or the grocery store clerk.

But as I paid for my lunch purchase, another lady shared her heartbreaking experience from the day before. She shared that an elderly lady said that she was torn between two choices. The cashier asked her to explain and the lady shared that she did not know whether she should spend her money on food or medicine.

On the Food! The medicine is killing her. But so is most of the food! This is the problem. We are being duped into believing that this is a choice. We are being duped into believing that the government sponsored drug programs are helping us and that we actually need these destructive chemicals and that we should not be concerned about the poisons that are being added to our foods and our water and our toothpaste and even in vaccines. Moreover, we are being told that the Federal Reserve is the answer rather than the cause of our financial woes.

And people continue to watch the same farcical news programs and follow the same fraudulent medical and nutritional advice. They keep looking for salvation from politicians who say one thing and do the opposite. They keep turning for the truth to churches where tolerance of mingled doctrine and practice is called “fellowship” and “faithfulness.”

Then the Christians throw up their hands and cry, “How can this be?”


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