Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Save Christian Pastor Nadarkhani from an Iranian Death Sentence

Here is an update on Pastor Nadarkhani Yousef from the ACLJ: Save Christian Pastor Nadarkhani from an Iranian Death Sentence. The ACLJ is calling for signers of a petition to the US Congress to support the Congressional Resolution introduced by Rep. Joe Pitts demanding the immediate release of Pastor Youcef.

I do not know how effective such a resolution will be, especially concerning the USA’s hypocrisy in such matters and in it’s dealings with Iran, but at least it is a way for me to make at least some statement to the Iranian government on behalf of Nadarkhani and all who suffer similar injustice. What other contact can I have? At least this is something.

Frankly, if Nadarkhani is a true believer in Christ, then going to be with the Lord will be a blessing. Yet life in this world is God’s gift, too. Moreover, remaining in this world and giving witness to God’s grace in Christ is a precious privilege. Furthermore, this injustice should be prevented. It is nothing less than murder if he is executed. Why should his family be robbed of his life with them? Why should such hatred be promoted and perpetrated?

Such is not uncommon in this world. Sadly, inexcusably, such has often been done by those pretending to be of Christ, too. How can it be that even today many so-called Christians are calling for such wickedness to be done upon the people of Iran?

Where will it end? It will end with the Lord’s return in glory. Until then, the true children of peace will endure such abuses, looking beyond this vale of sorrow and trouble to the everlasting abode that the Lord has prepared for them. Until then we continue to cry out, not with hateful anger, but with righteous anger that has peace and love as its motive. Yes, righteous anger is proper as it moves one to cry out against evil, not with murderous hatred, but with a desire for loving confrontation that leads to forgiveness and reconciliation both regarding fellow men and God.

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