Monday, February 27, 2012

Is America Asleep?

Is America asleep? Are the people of America in a coma?

Here is a video that shares facts that should be of grave concern to every American, and for that matter, to every person in the world.

This sort of reporting is uncommon, but very much needed.

Are people paying attention to what is happening? Are people considering where these things are leading? Does this make your spidey sense tingle? Does this raise the hairs on the back of your neck?

Is anyone in the government acting on behalf of the people? Is anyone fighting to protect the people?

Here are two sites sharing the names of the senators and house representatives and how they voted regarding the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act:

Senate Vote on Conference Report: H.R. 1540: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

House Vote On Passage: H.R. 1540: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

As these reports show, very few of the elected officials voted against this act.

Is it time for the American people to react to this? Is it time for the American people to change their voting criteria?

If anyone is interested in what the current candidates for the office of President say regarding this issue, well, the Democrat incumbent has taken his stand. How about those contending for nomination among the Republicans? Ron Paul already voted “No.” He continues to speak out vehemently against this act and others as being unconstitutional and tyrannical. How about the others? What do they say? Shall we let them tell us?

The three who speak in this video clip from their debate make their positions quite clear.

In case Santorum seems ambiguous, he does seem to try to avoid clarity. So here are a few more places where he speaks, in case you need to hear more.

SCARY Rick Santorum WAR Pro-Life Liberty Freedom NDAA

Santorum question on NDAA at Rivier college

Santorum on the NDAA

A search on this topic will provide many more links. But when one cloaks his views with ambiguity, that in itself is an answer. One’s voting record is harder to conceal.

In the following video an excellent evaluation is made regarding how this position relates to the US Constitution and what it was written to protect. Romney’s debate answer is highlighted and then Gingrich’s statement of his position is also included.

This individual has done a very good job of setting before us what is at the heart of this issue and why Americans should be concerned.

As a preacher of the Gospel this is an issue that concerns me powerfully. This is as Pro-Life as issues can be. This is directly connected to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” My neighbor is not only the person who agrees with me, but also my enemy. My neighbor is not only found on my street or town but every person in the world. This law empowers the government to act tyrannically in every part of this country as well as throughout the entire world. It empowers the president and the military to condemn someone as a terrorist or enemy combatant and to make that person disappear, without witnesses, without a subpoena, without any due process.

The upcoming election gives the people of America one more chance to stand against this tyranny. Will another opportunity remain beyond this one? Considering the acts against the Constitution perpetrated in previous administrations and the unabashed violations of the current administration, what will another four years bring if Americans do nothing?

More and more people are talking about open revolution. People are talking about arming themselves for armed revolt. Bloodshed will surely be the result of such actions.

The time for action is now, not later. The appropriate and godly action is through the electoral process. Once the Constitution has been overthrown the time for action is past.

This is especially true for Christians. True Christians do not rise up with arms against the ruling authorities. They defend their neighbor even with force against common thugs, but not against the ruling authorities. They cry out against that which is wrong, even if it brings persecution of frightening proportions, but they do not take up and usurp the power of the sword.

The Lord Jesus made this unmistakably clear on the night of His betrayal with His admonishment of Peter. Earlier in the evening Jesus asked His disciples whether they had any swords, and they answered that they had two swords, to which He replied, “It is enough.” (Luke 22:38) Two swords obviously are not enough to fight against the authorities, but only to keep violent criminals at bay. But in the garden, when the temple guards were sent by the Sanhedrin, Peter drew his sword and the Lord Jesus chastised him sternly, and then healed the man’s ear that Peter had cut off. Even in defense of the Lord Jesus against the tyrannical and ungodly Sanhedrin such acts were forbidden.

Later the same is observed in the actions of all of the disciples. Never did they take up arms against their persecutors. Never did they resist the ruling authorities, except to defy their demands that they stop preaching in the name of Jesus. They suffered being arrested and imprisoned. They suffered being beaten and scourged. They suffered false accusations. They even suffered being unjustly executed.

Armed resistance is not the way of those who trust the Lord. This is the way of the world, of unbelievers. Those who believe the Gospel and trust the Lord their God obey the laws even when they are unjust. They only disobey when the laws demand that they personally enter into sin through obedience to these unjust laws. But regarding themselves, they suffer the injustices done to them, appealing to what is just in the laws, calling upon the authorities to do what is right. They cry out against injustice done to their neighbors, but do not resist with force.

Those who argue against this argue against the Lord Jesus in whom they claim to trust. Those who deny this deny the Lord Jesus, whom they claim to follow.

After the resurrection and ascension of their Lord and after His outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, never again did any of the apostles rely upon the sword for their protection. Ever after they relied upon the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.

Taking up the sword is not an act of courage but of cowardice. A coward is afraid to endure injustice and will do whatever is necessary to avoid suffering injustice for oneself. This was Peter’s reaction in the garden. He was unwilling to suffer the injustice by which the Lord Jesus proclaimed that He would win salvation for all of His enemies. Peter opposed this after his great confession of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God. He did not understand it as Moses and Elijah discussed it with Jesus atop the mount of Transfiguration. He did not understand it in the garden. He did not understand when thrice he denied even knowing his Lord, once even with cursing. But after Pentecost, he was changed. Now he had the courage of the Love of God at work within him. Now love ruled so that even as his Lord suffered injustice with courage and mercy and forgiveness, so also did Peter.

Peter died a torturous death. But the Gospel that he proclaimed spread throughout the entire world.

Today there still remain a few who actually believe this Gospel. They hear the Holy Spirit’s call and are gathered by Him to the precious means of grace. They rejoice in God’s goodness and look to their brethren, to their neighbors, and even to their enemies and persecutors with the same love as they receive from their Lord. They lovingly cry out against what is wrong and energetically cry out with the goodness of the Lord for all. They enthusiastically proclaim God’s mercy and grace and peace and love in Christ.

Frightening times are coming upon us. We need to be absolutely certain of the faith by which we shall endure. Whether or not now is the time that the prophesied worldwide tyranny is manifested, we need to remember the Gospel of our salvation and the hope that it gives us. This Gospel empowers us to receive and to give love freely, without fear.

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