Monday, October 15, 2012

Police State & Totalitarianism

It would seem that most people still believe that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Is there reason for anyone to reconsider this belief?  Is there any evidence that the Constitution of the United States no longer is the law of the land and that other laws have superceded the Constitution so that police and military now rule with absolute control?

In October of 2001 Congress passed and George W. Bush signed into law the "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT) Act of 2001," also known as the USA Patriot Act.  It is available at many places but here is an official site: USA PATRIOT Act.

Along side of this the so-called government also established other so-called responses for the need to “protect” us from terrorism, such as the Homeland Security and TSA.

Last year the global elite of Congress passed The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012.  It was signed into law on December 31, 2011, by President Barack Obama.

In March Obama issued and signed Executive Order 13603 -- National Defense Resources Preparedness, in which he calls upon and extends what this Act previously declared.

Are the people of America and the world paying attention to what these say and effect?

Perhaps more terrifying than even what these things say and establish and do is the fact that most people are willing to accept them without even questioning their validity, necessity, and constitutionality.

I myself have not flown since 2006 when my father was dying.  But at that time I was not allowed to pass the security checkpoint because I had these:

I was told that I would have to surrender them to my so-called protectors to be stolen from me.  I refused and was made to return to the airline desk and have my luggage retrieved so as to place the items in my luggage, which I had to leave unsecured (unlocked).  This, even though they x-ray scan all of the luggage and clearly see all that is inside.  Protection?  From whom?

Those who regularly fly are aware that things have become much worse.  How can any reasonable person with functional mental capacity allow this to be called proper?  How can anyone actually believe that this is honoring our constitutionally guaranteed liberty?

This past week I was required to go to the city hall to pay a bill because the bureaucrats have complicated this process to such a point that they cannot keep the procedure straight amongst themselves and we, the citizens, have to pick up their messes and correct them.  In years past this was a fairly simple matter.  But today one must subject oneself to the same fraudulent security molestations as at the airport.  Even after their procedures that included taking off my belt, then I was told that I would have to sign over my keys and sign for them again when I would leave.

Why was this required?  Because I had this on my keychain:

Half a dozen armed police officers were present in the entrance lobby alone and this is counted as a threatening weapon?  What real threat would such a tiny tool pose?

After obtaining my paperwork and receipt, and after signing to have my vicious weapon returned to me, I asked the very sweet Barbie doll with a gun why she thinks that treating honest citizens this way is OK.  I don’t call her this disrespectfully, but to demonstrate the ludicrous nature of this matter.  I am a working man of almost 220 lbs.  She is a lovely young lady of possibly 120 but more likely 110 lbs.  I have sufficient strength that I regularly tear tree limbs apart the size of her arms.  When I hug wife of the same size as this woman, I must be mindful to be careful so that I don’t break her ribs.  What on earth would I do to a person with a little key tool barely sharp enough to cut string?  How can she or anyone else imagine that this is in anyway related to protecting us?

Like most people, I have never hurt anyone in my life.  I have never been arrested.  I have never caused trouble.  Yet I am treated by the police and others who have sworn to protect the Constitution and those it represents as though I were a terrorist threat.

I am a preacher of the Gospel.  I invest myself in comforting people and helping people.  I serve my neighbors.  I help the homeless when I can.  I feed hungry people.  I give people a ride to the doctor and hospital.  I work hard to earn a living and to serve others.

This is the way of the vast majority of the citizenry.  Why should ordinary and law abiding and peaceful citizens be subjected to such disgraceful and wicked treatment?

Why are the people not demanding that this stop?

Why are the people imposing this upon us reelected?

When I took the paperwork to the inspection site for my truck, my receipt was taken from me until I would return with the trailer that also needed to be “inspected.”  I asked that my receipt be returned to me so that I would have proof of my payment.  They curtly refused.  I demanded my receipt before leaving and was told that then I would not be leaving.  The police told me that they were just people on the front line doing what they were told.  I asked whether this would include shooting me if they were told to do so.  The police puffed up their chests and told me to move along.  When I asked what violation I would be charged with they told me that I had better do as I was told.  The fact is that they helped the others steal my property, yet I was threatened with being arrested.

Was my question ridiculous?

Consider one incident in Saginaw, Michigan.

The report and video are at Man killed by cops, shot 30+ times.

The report begins, saying, “Three days before Independence Day, Milton Hall died in a fusillade of police gunfire outside a strip mall.”

The actual number of shots was 46.

If you watch the video, be aware that it shows the full scene.  The man is gunned down in full view.

The man was known to have emotional issues.  He was upset and belligerent.  He says that he actually called the police because he wanted to voice his frustration.  He had a knife.

The police were six in number.  They had an attack dog, guns, and presumably batons and tasers.

When Mr. Hall began moving his knife was not raised.

The dog was not released.  Batons were not drawn.  Tasers were not drawn.  Guns were drawn and fired.  The man stops in his tracks.  The guns continued to fire.  The man fell down.  The guns continued to fire.  The man lay motionless on the ground and at least 8 more shots were fired.

This is a very extreme example but it is not an isolated incident.

Do the people have cause for concern?

Mr. Hall had a knife.  He had a previous altercation with a store owner where apparently no violence occurred and Mr. Hall left.  During his agitated conversation with the police no apparent attempt was made by the police to ask why he had called them.  They only threatened him.  He stood in the middle of a parking lot far from anyone whom he could harm.  The attack dog could easily have been used to subdue him at least long enough to taser him or tackle him.

At the time of his killing, this man was not a threat to anyone.

What action prompted this barrage of gunfire?

He said “NO!” to the police.  He had a history of saying “no” to the police.  He had a history of being a nuisance.

They shot him 46 times without attempting any other measure.

Was the man who made this video in danger from Mr. Hall?  Were the people driving by in danger from Mr. Hall?  Were other passers-by in danger from Mr. Hall?  Was the store owner in danger from Mr. Hall?  Were the police in genuine danger from Mr. Hall?  Were the little birdies nearby in danger from Mr. Hall?

Yet Mr. Hall was shot 46 times to protect us.

Should not people with a conscience be troubled by this to the point of calling for a change other than what Bush and Obama have brought upon us? Should we not be outraged that such a man as Mr. Hall can be gunned down as he was?

This man needed help.  Instead he was shot.  He was shot 46 times!

What does this say about the attitude of the police?

He was not shot in the leg or shoulder to stop him.  After he was immobilized they continued shooting and shooting.

Over the Trayvon Martin shooting, where he actually attacked a man and was shot and killed in the altercation, Obama joined in.  Did he say anything about this man who was shot 46 times?  Where is the outrage by those who caused so much turmoil regarding Trayvon’s killing?

It apparently is acceptable for the police and the military and the CIA and Homeland Security and the TSA to abuse and molest and even to kill.

Meanwhile, the big bankers are getting rich, foreclosing on homes of people who have lost their jobs that the big bankers have moved to China.  More and more people are being forced to become homeless and destitute.  Our water is being poisoned with fluoride.  Our food is being poisoned with glutamates, aspartic acid, fluoride, and pesticides.  Our air is being sprayed with toxins.  Drugs are being pushed as the answer to every problem.  Health care is being confiscated by the government.  And working people who carry a pocket knife and mothers who carry a finger nail clipper are treated as terrorist threats to society.

Yet people are not concerned.  When asked, Mitt Romney says that he approves of the NDAA, TSA, HS, Patriot Act, invading other countries in the name of a war against terrorism, of the TARP bailouts and the stimulus money.  Yet some people imagine that voting for such a man is voting for change.

Ultimately, this is to be expected.  People have not changed.  Adam listened to his wife who listened to the serpent.  Then, when confronted by the Lord they began the blaming game.  Cain killed his brother.  Wars have raged ever since.  Nations rise up against each other.  Neighbors envy one another’s possessions and spouses and then act according to their lusts.  It has been this way since sin came into the world.  Freedom from fear cannot be found.

It can only be received.  Perfect love casts out all fear.  Perfect love is from above.  It is given freely, but it is received through means.  The Lord has established those means to be utilized and administered within His Church.

He has forewarned that as the last days approach that things would become more intense and worsen.  He said that we should remember that He has told us of these things beforehand so that when we see them and suffer them that we take comfort in His promises.  He says that these are all signs that the end of this evil age is approaching.  He says that these are signs that the evil one is raging on account of knowing the limits of his time.  He says that we should look up and see that our redemption draws nigh.  Our trust, our hope, is not in princes and rulers, presidents and congresses, judges and courts, doctors and hospitals, police and military.  Those will all surely fail us and even abuse us.  But the Lord deals with us in grace offering us His merciful goodness and love.

For whom do I write this?  I suppose that first and foremost I write for myself and my wife.  I also write for all others, but I myself need to hear and believe God’s promises in Christ.  I need that comfort and assurance.  I need to be renewed in the knowledge that this world is not all that there is and that the evils of this world and of the worldly shall not prevail.  The many abuses can be endured.  The many hurts can be suffered without being overcome.  For the just shall live by His faith, and through Him we are saved and kept safe forevermore.

Not everyone will hear this and believe it.  But for me and my house, I repeat it again and again and again until we finally behold the fulfillment of all of God’s promises.  And for anyone who sees the peace of God that rules our hearts in the face of all that is happening in the world, I share the source of that peace so that they may enjoy it for themselves as well.

Luther sums this up very powerfully in the last stanza of his marvelous hymn:

1.     A mighty Fortress is our God,
     A trusty Shield and Weapon;
     He helps us free from every need
     That hath us now o'ertaken.
     The old evil Foe
     Now means deadly woe;
     Deep guile and great might
     Are his dread arms in fight;
     On Earth is not his equal.

2.     With might of ours can naught be done,
     Soon were our loss effected;
     But for us fights the Valiant One,
     Whom God Himself elected.
     Ask ye, Who is this?
     Jesus Christ it is.
     Of Sabaoth Lord,
     And there's none other God;
     He holds the field forever.

3.     Though devils all the world should fill,
     All eager to devour us.
     We tremble not, we fear no ill,
     They shall not overpower us.
     This world's prince may still
     Scowl fierce as he will,
     He can harm us none,
     He's judged; the deed is done;
     One little word can fell him.

4.     The Word they still shall let remain
     Nor any thanks have for it;
     He's by our side upon the plain
     With His good gifts and Spirit.
     And take they our life,
     Goods, fame, child and wife,
     Let these all be gone,
     They yet have nothing won;
     The Kingdom ours remaineth.

+ + +

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