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Biden Versus Ryan

We don’t watch TV.  We stopped paying for the misinformation and blatant lies in the federally owned and operated so-called local paper.  Radio sources for news are equally untrustworthy.  Internet sources also are suspect, but at least with those we can get a broader perspective.

Today I read an online report regarding the vice-presidential debate last night, entitled Snark, interruptions, 'derisive sneering'.

Of particular note is what is reported about the statements of the two candidates about their faith and what they believe concerning gestational children and what stand they promise to take in the White House.  Both men profess to be Roman Catholics.  Both men profess to believe that life begins at conception.

Both men say that they will do nothing regarding this belief.

Here is what is reported in the article:

Vice President Joe Biden said he personally believes that life begins at conception, but wouldn’t do anything to stop others from taking the lives of the unborn.

The arguments came the only meeting of the two candidates for the No. 2 office.

“Our faith informs us of everything we do,” Ryan said. He said his Catholic faith plays a role in his position, but reason and science complete his position.

“I believe life begins at conception. The policy of a Romney administration would be to oppose abortion except in cases of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother,” he said.

Biden also said he was “practicing Catholic” but he would “refuse to impose his beliefs on equally devout Christians…”

“Unlike my friend here, the congressman, I do not believe that we have a right to tell other people that women can’t control their bodies. That’s a decision between them and their doctor,” Biden said.

According to this report Ryan says, “The policy of a Romney administration would be to oppose abortion ...”

Notice that no mention of any action is included in this statement.  This is what the Republicans have said for decades, yet when in office they do nothing.  They only move legislation on this matter when they know that they are a minority or they move legislation that does so little that it really amounts to nothing.  Nevertheless they boldly tout their opposition to abortion.  They boldly profess to oppose the taking of innocent lives.  They boldly claim to be Pro-Life.

Biden says that he believes that life begins at conception, but, “Unlike my friend here, the congressman, I do not believe that we have a right to tell other people that women can’t control their bodies. That’s a decision between them and their doctor,” Biden said.

I wonder, will the people of the world ever grow weary of this insanely dishonest rhetoric?

Both men are knowingly, deliberately lying and attempting to deceive.  Yet the people from their respective sides close their eyes, ears, hearts and minds to what is being said, choosing rather to believe the lies.

Regarding Biden’s statement, does he apply this notion to driving under the influence of intoxicating chemicals such as alcohol, marijuana, and narcotics?  Does he say that he does not believe in telling people who consume alcoholic beverages that they have the right to control their own bodies and therefore may choose to drink to excess and drive without being held responsible?

What about people who want to own, carry, and use guns?  Does he say that they have a right to control their own bodies and carry guns on their persons without government control?

I could proceed with a very extensive list that would still be noncomprehensive, but surely these two examples make the point adequately.

Moreover, this statement regarding women controlling their own bodies is entirely and deliberately fallacious.  After all, whose body does abortion affect?

Two bodies are affected by abortion.  First is the woman’s body, that is invaded and put at risk by the action of artificial abortion.  This is an entirely unnatural procedure that in every instance puts a woman at risk over and above the already present risks of pregnancy.  Abortion is a dangerous procedure that often has complications that sometimes cause permanent injury to the woman and sometimes even results in her death.

Secondly is the developing body of the conceived child.  The lie of not knowing whether or not this is a living person has been openly debunked.  Even a man like Biden can no longer get away with hiding behind that lie.  Even he must now admit publicly to believe that life begins at conception.  So the fact is now openly admitted that abortion is the attack upon a helpless person in that person’s body.  Abortion is the deliberate ending of a person’s life.  It is a brutal assault upon this helpless person’s body.  Even in the case of abortifacients, it is a brutal separation of the person’s body from its safe haven, a brutal eviction that results in an ignominious death and disposal.  Often the body parts are even sold for disgusting uses that no person would permit if that person were given the choice.

So the issue of abortion is not about telling a woman that she has no choice in the control of her own body.  She is in complete control of her own body.  She can eat and drink as she chooses.  She can partake of any daily activity that she chooses.  She can watch any video or TV program that she chooses.  She can stay up as late as she chooses and go to bed whenever she chooses.  She can arise when she chooses.  She can seek any vocation that she chooses.  She can surf the Internet or Twit or partake of whatever other social networking that she chooses.  She can drive when and where she chooses.  She can exercise as much as she chooses.  She can meditate or pray or refuse to partake of these activities.  She can wear shoes or sandals, socks or pantyhose, a hat, sunglasses, a skirt or pants, a bra or no bra, makeup or no makeup.  She can marry or not marry.

These are not issues related to abortion until she and the abortion industry decide to take these choices and even life itself from another person.  The issue of abortion is one of telling a woman and the abortion industry that they do not have the right to destroy another person for the sake of choice or profit.

If we all faced this issue honestly, there would be no need for laws in this matter.  If women honestly consider what is at stake, they will not need to be told not to kill their own babies or allow them to be killed.  No woman who honestly counts her baby as a precious, living, human being would ever ask for someone to end her baby’s life, nor ask for someone to pay for this horrific atrocity.  No honest person would ever look upon the child with anything but tender and loving compassion and care.

Will the people of this country and the world ever wake up to the truth?  Will people ever see through the smokescreen of the politicians and the abortion industry and those who refuse to act responsibly regarding their own sexual activities?

Life is a wonderful gift.  For those who acknowledge the giver, this is so apparent that it changes the person from the inside out.  But even for those who deny the giver of life, the wonder of life is so immense that it is overpowering.  Even those who deny the gift cannot help but to see that a baby is a person who should be protected and nurtured, especially when the baby is housed within a woman’s own body.

Parenthood is a terrible responsibility.  It is a fearsome thing to face, even for those who eagerly seek it for themselves.  It becomes overwhelmingly fearsome to one who is not seeking it and has it occur without planning, or worse, has it forced upon her.

But the answer is not to count the life of the baby as a choice.  The answer is not to deny the baby any choice ever to be faced.  The answer is not to encourage women to make a choice that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.  The answer is not to encourage women to consider putting themselves at an added heath risk by choosing to permit an invasive and disruptive pseudo-medical procedure.

What is the answer?  The answer is Love.  Love produces compassion.  Love motivates us to look upon women as very special gifts from God to the world, gifts through whom He works the miracle of life for us all.  Love moves us to act with compassion and caring to those frightened by the new and often unexpected responsibilities that they face.  Love moves us to treasure the little ones whom we will meet when they are delivered from Mommy’s body into the world of light and sound and color and friendship and all the wonders that we so often take for granted.  Love moves us to see these little ones as gifts to us all.

This world in which we live is made to be a very frightening place through the selfishness and thoughtlessness that we choose to be our ways.  This is especially true for the helpless, the weak, the ignorant, and the poor.

However, Love changes this.  Love restores hope.  Love restores security.

Laws are necessary when Love does not prevail.  When Love is not King, then laws become necessary to help restrain lovelessness.  Laws have no power to produce Love, but they do help those who know Love and abide in Love to have a little less opposition in the world.

Thus we have laws that condemn and punish murder, stealing, and other acts by one against another.  But what we really need is the restoration of Love.  After all,

Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.  (Romans 13:10)

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