Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fluoride Toxicity

Conspiracy theories cease to be theories once verified by undeniable facts.

A cowardly attempt to counter the truth is often made by opponents of the truth by falsely and deceitfully applying the term “conspiracy theory” so as to evoke an emotional response and rejection of the facts by those who do not know the facts.

Such a coward left a comment on one of the posts below regarding fluoride toxicity.  The coward hid as “anonymous” and gave no supporting evidence or facts, only saying, “Wow, I didn't know the fluoride conspiracy theories still existed.”  I deleted the comment but quote it here.

An Internet search will provide many solid sources of reliable scientifically proven facts regarding the terrible toxic effects of fluoride.

One such Internet site is found at Medscape Reference, entitled, Fluoride Toxicity .  There are many sources that address this issue.  This particular site only addresses the immediate toxicity and not long term, and so it addresses the more dramatic effects.  But fluoride has cumulative effects as well.

For those who desire to drink this substance, they may certainly choose to do so.  However, I will not stand by without dissenting against forcing this upon the entire community.  Neither will I remain silent while liars seek to deceive people who would not willingly partake of this dreadful toxin if they were properly informed.

The term “conspiracy theory” is a term that should serve as a red flag when it is heard.  Honest people do not ordinarily resort to this term.  They prefer to present facts that allow people to make informed decisions.

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