Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Is a Blind Man’s Cane Mistaken for a Samurai Sword?

Who in his right mind would think that this white cane was a samurai sword and the man carrying it a dangerous threat?

Apparently police worldwide think so.

The following reports tell the story:

Terror of blind man tasered by police: 'I thought they'd kill me', says stroke victim aged 61 whose white stick was mistaken for a samurai sword

Blind man tasered in police blunder

Police use Taser on blind man after stick mistaken for sword

More and more this sort of “mistake” is occurring worldwide.  How can such things be happening?  How is it that this is becoming more and more common?

It is happening according to the plan.

People are being trained to see terrorists everywhere.  Police are being trained to suspect everyone.  Police and military personnel are trained to look for this.

At the airport and at city hall, ordinary citizens are treated as potential perpetrators of violence.  A fingernail clipper is treated as a weapon and a bottle of water is counted as a possible bomb making ingredient.

People are being trained and encouraged to report “peculiar” behavior of their neighbors.

Is it really surprising that this is causing hysteria of the kind that leads to overreaction and use of force against a blind man carrying a cane for assistance?

People need to wake up and realize that this is bad news.  We need to stop this before it is too late.

Certainly there exist proper causes for suspicion.  But these are obvious in their peculiarity.  A stranger lurking around the back window or back door of a neighbor’s house, is a good example.  Someone wearing a ski mask in August is a very suspicious action.

But unless you believe that Highlander is a true to life story, reporting a man walking down the street with a samurai sword is insanity.  For the police to react to such reports without extreme discretion is absolute insanity.  When the suspected man is an elderly man walking slowly and with care, not threatening anyone, there is no excuse for such behavior.

But this hysteria is growing.  It is being promoted by the government bureaucracies, by the media, and by the government schools. It is actually being taught and fostered.

Police and military personnel should not be such fools as this.  They are thinking people.  But they are taught to obey orders above all else.  They are actually taught to be abusive, as with this elderly blind man, to apply assertive and abusive force and to make the handcuffs tight enough to hurt.  They are taught not to hesitate.  They are taught that protecting themselves against a suspected aggressor is more important than being certain.

Family and friends need to confront their loved ones who serve as law enforcement and military, lovingly reminding them of their vows to protect and serve.  If they do not count right as more important than might, they should resign.  If the lives of those they are sworn to protect are not more important than risking their own, then they should resign.

The country is safer without them if they have the wrong mindset.  At least most criminals cannot call for hundreds for backup.

And what of the notion that collateral damage is acceptable in a faux war against terror?  What is the proportion of people killed in the war against terror to the number killed by so-called terrorist attacks?  How many thousands and tens of thousands have been killed directly in the so-called war against terror?  And if the extensive collateral damage of poisoned water and effects are counted, how many more tens of thousands?

Which is more terrifying, really?  Which is the greater atrocity?

Then there are the massive changes that have been forced upon the citizens of the nations fighting this war on terror.  I can still remember when one could escort loved ones all the way to the embarking gate without even showing ID.  I can remember when people were not afraid of the police and security people at airports and elsewhere.  I can remember when police smiled and waved back when we waved to them.  I remember when we were not afraid to wave to the police as they passed by.

I also remember when we were not afraid of what our neighbors would report concerning our actions.  I remember when a spanking was not counted as abuse of one’s naughty child.  And yes, I am thankful that my parents were free to use such measures when they believed them to be necessary.

Today parents are arrested and their children are taken away if the parents dare to discipline them strongly.  Yet the TSA regularly frightens children and even gropes them publically, taking their toys and their drinks from them.  The police assist bankers in driving families from their homes.  The military confiscates guns from homeowners in the aftermath of horrific natural disasters.

These things became more prevalent during all of the presidents and their administrations and congresses of the past fifty years.  Isn’t it time that we wake up and stop putting these goons in office?  Isn’t time that we act responsibly?

Isn’t it time that we acknowledge the fact that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil?  If everyone abandoned this insane notion and voted their conscience instead, the world would truly become a safer and more peaceful place to live.

If people truly acted responsibly and only voted according to their consciences, voting only for those whom they perceived as clearly and truly godly and faithful and honest, imagine how much smaller government would be and how much less money would be required to run it?

Well, it is a very nice dream.

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