Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Václav Havel's View

I found an article regarding the recently deceased Czech leader, entitled, Living Responsibly: Václav Havel's View, an article that I found very informative and interesting.

Frankly, until today, I was ignorant of this man and his role in the struggle of mankind for knowing the truth and for understanding who we are. I saw some blog posts contrasting this man and the recently deceased ruler of North Korea. This motivated me to study more.

What I learned about Kim Jong-il is horrifying. What I have learned of Václav Havel is truly a contrast.

Two places where I learned of Kim Jong-il and his so-called leadership are: On the Death of A Diabolical Dictator – North Korea’s Killing Fields and Kim Jong-il, North Korean leader, dies. Both of these have videos that reveal the dreadful ways of those who promote themselves as saviors, in the stead of the one who gives Himself as Savior, whose great gift to the world we celebrate Sunday. The videos at “The Guardian” show how powerfully the people of North Korea, or at least the ones shown in the videos, were persuaded by the closed and controlled state media.

Truly the man Václav Havel stands in contrast to this. I find it amazing how American he is, unlike most of us who have enjoyed the freedoms afforded to “real Americans.” He offers a strong warning to America, to Western Civilization, and to the world.

Havel stands as an example of how even one who does not believe in the God who reveals Himself in the Bible can still benefit temporally from the statutes, commandments, precepts, and judgments therein recorded. Havel himself received these temporal benefits, and through his belief in the high morals and ideals many others benefitted as well.

It is sad, though, very sad indeed, to realize that temporal benefits do not equal everlasting benefits. For this man openly declared concerning the rumor that he had become a Christian: “genuine conversion, as I understand it, would mean replacing an uncertain ‘something’ with a completely unambiguous personal God, and fully, inwardly, to accept Christ as the Son of God.… And I have not taken that step.”

This means that he will be standing with Kim Jong-il forevermore. He will not suffer as greatly as the monstrous dictator, but he did reject the life of everlasting blessedness that the Lord Jesus purchased for him.

And this is the so-called Church’s fault. For where would he turn to hear the unadulterated Gospel today? Where would he look to see the holy catholic Church standing in perfect unity of doctrine? Where are the means of grace administered today in accord with Christ’s ordinance? And yet all of these divisive heretics (opinion holders) say that these divisive self held opinion promoters are the Church and are saved. Why then would someone like Havel be inclined to believe in “a completely unambiguous personal God”? From whom would he even hear of such a God so as to believe in Him?

Sadly, frighteningly, poor Mr. Havel is not alone in this confusion that fills the world through the so-called Church of tolerant deviance. When one considers how many victims this view of Christianity claims, who is the more monstrous tyrant, the little ruler of North Korea, or the pastors and other leaders who deny the efficacy of the means of grace and the true unity of the Church of God on earth? And of those who deny the efficacy of the means of grace and the true unity of the Church, who does it most powerfully, those who outright deny that God works salvation through these, or those who teach that they are true means of salvation but then allow that salvation can be received while rejecting them (and thereby the One who ordained them)?

The warning that Mr. Havel spoke to America, to Western civilization, and to the world certainly should be taken seriously by those who call themselves Church. Moreover, if Mr. Havel were able so to do, he would, like the rich man who called out to Abraham in whose bosom Lazarus rested, surely he would call out to the Church unitedly and honestly to warn his brothers concerning who Jesus really is and what Jesus has accomplished for us all.

Christmas, that is, the Christ Mass, is this Sunday. Never mind what this means TO the world. Isn’t it time that Christians first acknowledge what this means FOR the Church so as then also to be able to proclaim what it means FOR the world?

Is it possible that in spite of the infidelity of those who claim to be the Church that somehow, even with the lack of clarity and honesty of their preaching and practice, that somehow the Lord miraculously brought Mr. Havel into the true faith so that he also rests in the bosom of Abraham? This is a question that we have no business asking, for the Lord has nowhere given such a promise. Mr. Havel most certainly could have been converted in his last moments. But this is not our concern. Our concern is that he did not hear it from us! Furthermore, our concern is whether or not we will hear God calling us to repentance ourselves.

Throughout the world people will be singing:

Oh, come, all ye faithful, triumphantly sing:
Come see in the manger our Savior and King!

Where has He promised to be found? Where has He declared His manger to be? How has He said that sinners are to come to Him? Through what means has He said that sinners enter into the kingdom of God? John 3 How does His apostle say that sinners are empowered to be born as sons of God? It is through a decision? Is it through bloodline and heritage? John 1:12-13 How does He say that His blood of forgiveness is given and received? Matthew 26:27-28 Oh that together with one voice and as one true body the Church would gather for the Christ Mass and sing:

To Bethlehem hasten with joyful accord;
Oh, come let us adore Him, Oh, come let us adore Him,
Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!

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Anonymous said...

I've lived in the Czech Republic for 21+ years. You apparently need to research other issues regarding Havel, including:

* The recurring theme of marital infidelity in his writings and its actual practice in his life;

* His blanket pardon of prisoners following the "Velvet Revolution", including many violent offenders who then committed new violent crimes;

* What bothers Czechs the most--he was one of the first European leaders to call for the bombing of Serbia, which contrasts harshly with his public image as a supposed person of peace;

* His cooperation with the International Mafia in the tunneling of Czech corporations during privatization;

* His deafening silence during the numerous occasions when the Czech police ruled an obvious execution as "suicide". Czech composer Karel Svoboda was shot, according to police reports, at his secluded garden...while running to his car. Ruled a suicide. Not a complaint from Havel.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Dear Czech friend,

As I admitted in the opening paragraph of this post, I was previously ignorant of Mr. Havel. My only knowledge of the man is what I read in the mentioned article and a few blogs. Some people made a big deal of the man and his views. It was to this information that I responded.

If in my lack of knowledge I have impressed you as giving too much credit to the man, and if in this way I have somehow slighted you and others of the Czech Republic, please forgive me.

My knowledge of other countries is quite limited. I’ve been across the Mexican border once for about half a day and across the Canadian border a couple of times for a day. More and more I am realizing how poorly I really even know my own country and her leaders. The more that I learn, the more that I realize that most of those whom I thought to be good leaders really did not measure up to what I thought, either.

If you will read my blog post for what it is you will realize that my point was not really one of praising Mr. Havel, but of calling for conversion of those calling themselves the Church. Mr. Havel’s hypocrisy is of minor concern compared to the hypocrisy of those professing to be Christian.

Thank you for enlightening me regarding Mr. Havel and the grief that Czechs have experienced. I am sure that there is much to be told in this regard, even as in the USA. Certainly the warning this man gave concerning Americans and the West is worthy of notice. When a man who is not a genuine believer in God and Christ warns of our loss of our foundation, such a warning should not be ignored. It should be like having a bucket of ice water thrown into our faces.

While Mr. Havel surely had many faults as a leader, it does seem to me that he nevertheless stands in contrast to Kim Jong-il. Yet neither man had the benefit of the counsel of the Holy Spirit. Both of these men stand as a warning to me not to forget the true counsel that I need continually, and for the need for the pure Gospel to be proclaimed without shrinking back. May the pure Gospel be your everlasting comfort, too.