Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas — Divorce

I learned today of the Christmas Eve judgment regarding the Gibsons in their divorce settlement.

Mel Gibson divorce: Details of settlement remain private

Mel Gibson’s Ex Awarded Over $400 million in Divorce Settlement

Mel Gibson Loses Half of His $850 Million Fortune to Ex-Wife in Divorce

The third link includes an ABC video in which a male anchor announces the divorce and turns to a female anchor who gleefully spills details, and a female reporter presents further information. As the video returns to the female anchor she continues her gleeful exuberance over the huge settlement, and concludes, saying, “The court documents will keep most of the details of the settlement private, so we may never know if they have to split that island in Fiji that Mel bought a few years ago.” The video fades as the male anchor gently and quietly comments: “Yeah, some details really should remain private. Shouldn’t they, Lara?”

Indeed, Sir. Indeed! Thank you for that.

What a shame! Over three decades of marriage brought to an unhappy end. I do not know the reason for the Gibsons ending of their marriage, and it is none of my business beyond the fact that I grieve for them. As for the settlement, especially since Mel purports to be Christian, the faith that rightly holds that a husband and wife are joined as one flesh, certainly their possessions should have been counted as an equal sharing. But the money is a small matter contrasted to what has ultimately been lost to them both. Certainly they both should be able to live exceedingly comfortably with a half billion dollars each. But what have they of their lifetime together beyond the money? What have they sacrificed to the god of unforgiveness?

Sad. Very sad. What a way for them to celebrate the nativity of the Lord Jesus.

Divorce is an evil thing, ordinarily. However there is a divorce that is to be counted as good tidings of great joy! The Lord Jesus was born into this world to bring to effect a great divorce that would be a cause for everlasting rejoicing. He came to end our marriage to sin. In the Scriptures the Lord speaks of this great divorce in which He declares us to be everlastingly divorced from sin and its horrific consequences.

I have written more on this blessed topic in a couple of precious blog posts: The Necessity of Divorce and A Christmas Divorce.

As we have entered into the season of Christmas, surely this light shining in a dark world is good news.

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Canadian Atheist said...

It is indeed sad that Mel and his wife are breaking up after 30 years. So many marriages today end up like that. Thanks for the read!

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Oops! I noticed that I slipped and used precious in the place of previous regarding my earlier blog posts. I suppose that at some level I do count my posts as precious, but I think that the preciousness of the good news of the gift of salvation is what carried over in my thinking. Anyway . . .

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Canadian Atheist,

Thanks for sharing. I wonder, in today's society and especially in the legal system and the media, does anyone really even mourn this destruction that people bring upon themselves? It seems that everything today, including the government school curricula, is designed to promote the acceptance of faithlessness and eventual acceptance of the lie called "irreconcilable differences" and the dissolution of the family. Sad business.