Saturday, December 31, 2011

No, He’s Free!

Yesterday, on the site where I was removing a dead pine for a household, their dog was in the back yard, contained in an area enclosed by a four foot high wrought iron fence. When I first approached the area the dog was happy and wagging her tail and came gingerly toward me. As it drew near it began to snarl and growl and bark threateningly. This continued as I worked. No kind and soothing words had any effect.

One of the neighbors came past on the other side of street with her dog on a leash. The dog was quiet and demonstrably happy, walking in step with his master.

I called over to the lady, “Your dog doesn’t seem to be angry.”

She called back, “No, he’s free!”

I found the observation worthy of note. Her dog was on a leash, yet was free. The other dog, freely roaming within the fenced back yard was not free.

What was the difference from the perspective of the two dogs?

The difference was the presence of the master.

Naturally I made the association to myself in the greater relationship.

+ + +

Later, when the master of the dog of this household came home and put her dog on her leash to take her for a walk, this dog, too, was transformed. No barking. No snarling. Attention fixed on the master’s countenance. The same was true when the husband stood with me talking.

But when they went back inside the house, the dog returned to the snarling and barking.


What a difference the master’s loving presence makes!

+ + +


Canadian Atheist said...

No offense, but that's a sort of uncomfortable comparison - us with dogs. Personally, being a dog lover myself, it just depends on their temperament. Some dogs are just mean, some wouldn't hurt a fly, some are just protective and some just get uncomfortable around a potential threat so they threaten first.

Anonymous said...

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Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Dear Canadian Atheist,

I have pondered what could cause you to feel uncomfortable, since you do not clearly state it. The best that I can conclude is the comparison to having a master. Since that is the premise of this blog, if you continue reading my posts, you’ll hear much more.

I am glad to hear that you are a dog lover. Dogs are marvelous creatures who have a very special connection with mankind. The dolphin is a creature that seems to have an even stronger affinity to man, but I don’t have any genuine personal experience with dolphins.

Regarding dogs, I encounter dogs almost everyday. I also encounter people everyday. Natural gas technicians, gas and electric meter readers, call before you dig technicians, I meet these people regularly, too, and they encounter countless numbers of dogs. I ask questions and then I listen. I ask questions of dog owners, who almost always are eager to share. I learn much from the observations of others as well as mine own.

But in this post, the most important point is regarding my relationship with my Master and how it shapes my life. His presence in my life changes who I am and how I act and live. These things are not obligatory responses, but the natural responses that are produced by His Fatherly love.

From the tiny knowledge that I have of you, you seem to be a person who strives to produce these good responses in your life by your own efforts and strength. Like the dogs in this post, when I look to the countenance of my loving Master, no effort is required, the goodly responses flow from His goodness with which His presence fills my soul.

If you and others prefer to deny His existence and to work continually to do for yourselves what He gives freely, what can I say? I am very glad that at least you desire goodness and kindness to be your ways.

+ + +