Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have a Farcical Christmas — Not

Merry Christmas!

What does this mean?

Some add, “Keep Christ in Christmas!” or “Jesus is the reason for the season!”

Do these really give a more clear definition and better understanding?

All of these are good sayings. But do those who use them even understand what they mean?

Below is a video that was produced by an atheist. It contains the words “damn” and “hell” as expletives. When I first viewed it on the website of a recent blogger acquaintance, I had to turn it off because of the anger that I experienced regarding the farcical perspective from which it displays faith in God.

But then I asked myself, “But who is presenting this farcical perspective?”

I myself cry out against this as I observe it amongst those professing to be believers. I will explain this further below the video.

Be warned that this video is offensive. It attacks religion and religionists and especially targets Christians. It also contains offensive expletives. It is about the same as watching David Letterman or a typical TV sitcom, or at least from what I remember of these from when I watched TV.

If God Were a Car

There are plenty of fallacies in the presentation of this attack on Christians and the God of the Bible that I could address, things that are dishonestly presented because they misrepresent what the Christian faith actually teaches. Sadly, however, those who prepared this video are accurately representing what they have experienced and observed. They are not the ones responsible for this farcical representation but are merely recording what they have observed from people claiming to be representatives of this faith.

I read on the profile page of one convert from Fundamentalistic Christianity to the religion of Atheism how badly she suffered under the pretense of Christian faith that she experienced. She shares how badly she still suffers from the abuses that she experienced from these charlatans. I know these abuses myself. I have witnessed others who have suffered them. Moreover, I, too, have been severely abused by those pretending to be representatives of Christ and His faith and Church.

As this video very vividly portrays, the so-called Christian Church that predominates the landscape has no unity of doctrine, except to say that in some way or other Jesus is believed in.

The most farcical of the representations of the Christian faith are those made by the so-called Conservative Christians. They pat themselves on the back for their self-purported faithfulness to the true faith while they do not adhere to it. They write marvelous expositions of what the Bible says, but then deny it within their fellowships and church bodies and synods.

As one who grew up within that which calls itself the Elsie Mess, or the LC-MesS, the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod, I will use my own experience as the example.

The LC-MS claims to be a stalwart bastion of the Christian faith. She prides herself on the fact that she demands that her pastors give a quia subscription to the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. She boasts of unity in doctrine and practice.

As one example of this farcical claim, I heard today of a congregation of the LC-MS in which on the altar/table of the Lord’s Supper the pastor and congregation set two sets of chalices and of the individualistic communion trays. One set has wine. The other set has grape juice.

This is the Sacrament and particularly the portion that the Lord Jesus named as The New Testament in His blood. (1 Corinthians 11:25) This is the very definition of the Church of the New Testament. Yet even within one congregation there are FOUR divisions/schisms regarding how they partake of it. Where is the unity of which the apostle speaks in the preceding chapter? Even within the same congregation there exists no unity regarding how to partake of the blood of Christ?!

What does this say of those who say “I believe”? What does this say of them when they say that they are one in the faith? What do they believe together as one? How will anyone observe oneness among them?

And what of the LC-MS? Where is the unity? Their president says that he believes that it may someday be possible to achieve 80 percent unity, and the conservatives and confessionals applaud him for this. 80 percent unity? What does this mean? What honest person speaks of such? This is what one expects from those seeking political office. Where does the Bible in which they claim to believe speak of 80% of anything? Yet this stalwart bastion of faithfulness to the Bible admits that even 50 percent unity is not even a reality but only a goal.

From this, then, the landscape broadens to the many schisms that are so vast that the various confessions do not even resemble one another. Yet they all claim to be Church. Not only this, but they generally even acknowledge one another as Church.

So what is the person from the outside to conclude?

This video very aptly shows what is concluded.

Who can effectively argue against their conclusion?

This evening, throughout the world, Christmas will be celebrated. By most it will be entirely a farcical observance.

But Christmas is very real. The Christ who gives Himself in the Mass is real. His gifts are real. His gifts are real gifts, given freely, without charge. The peace on earth and goodwill toward men heralded by the angels is real, when it is received where it is promised, in the Christ Mass, administered as it was ordained by the one who performs what He promises.

The needy do receive what their hearts long to receive. The poor are blessed in their spirits and bodies. They gather to the One who comes through gentle means that can be tasted and felt and seen. Though He has ascended far above to do for His beloved what He has promised and so cannot be seen with the eyes in the bodily form in which He walked with His disciples and touched the sick with healing and the hurting with comfort and then gave Himself bodily to suffering and death on their behalf, nevertheless, He has provided means by which He does come today bodily to work the same miracles. In His true Church the saints do gather to these means and they do receive healing and comfort and forgiveness and regeneration and peace and justification and sanctification and true unity and goodwill.

If those who have been injured by frauds and those who have been deceived into believing that no-god is all there is, if such souls desire more, this God offers Himself freely for the everlasting blessing of all who will hear and receive Him. The price tag is far greater than the $15,000.00 demanded in the video, but the price has already been paid by this God Himself. This is what the babe born in Bethlehem is, the price of our everlasting blessedness. This is God’s only-begotten Son, given for the sake of the redemption of the world from all that is awry. This is the price that only God could pay. And it has been paid.

This truly is cause for rejoicing. This is cause for celebration! This truly is Joy to the Word, for the Lord IS Come. His blessings flow far as the curse is found. In this person, this little baby, the power to drive the farce back into the darkness is with us in flesh and blood. The table is prepared. All is ready. He stands and calls to one and all to partake freely, in accord with His promise and Word. Come and see that the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!

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Gary Cepek said...


The words and actions which make a farce of the Christ's gift, bought at the cost of His life, and the Mass from which He distributes the benefits of His gift are not surprising, and yet remain eternally tragic. The ancient liar the devil, the darkened world, and the enslaved, fallen human nature can do nothing but make a farce of Scripture's revealed grace of God in Christ.

Christmas 2011, like every day the LORD has made, remains the day to rejoice that He continues to make this distinction through the Means He has ordained and the faith these Means of His grace engender and preserve.

His blessings in Christ to you and your wife.

Gary Cepek

Canadian Atheist said...

Very interesting post. I enjoyed reading it. I would have loved to hear what parts of the video you thought were inaccurately portrayed.

Religion does cause a lot of pain. Interestingly enough, I didn't mind going to church growing up.

Christmas though isn't really Christs birthday. It's the winter solstice, which was a pagan holiday that Christianity sort of took. It made it easier to convert pagans that way.

I recently had an email debate with a religious friend of mine. I may post it on my blog sometime soon. You might find it interesting.

Thanks for the read. Very good post.