Friday, April 01, 2011

Joshua Blick or the Same Old Game?

Before the primaries a man came by our house and shared with us his reasons for his candidacy for City Council. He was very personable and polite. He shared very common sense views and concerns. He asked permission to place one of his signs in our yard and we gladly assented.

His name is Joshua Blick.

During the campaign we have received flyers in the mail from both Josh and his opponent. Josh’s flyers tell about Josh and his views and concerns. His opponent’s flyers also tell about Josh and his views and concerns. Reading Josh’s opponent’s flyers filled me with concern and angst because according to these flyers Josh was an entirely different candidate than the man with whom I visited for nearly an hour in my living room.

I was quite distressed and on several occasions considered yanking Josh’s sign from my yard. But rather, I called him to ask from him whether I had heard him correctly when I visited with him.

The man with whom I spoke was indeed the same man that I had remembered. His views are what we discussed. The opponent’s propaganda is false propaganda.

Joshua Blick is a level headed man with enough years of experience in the world to know that the necessary changes in the city’s programs takes working with all of Wichita and cannot be solved by coming in like a tornado through the city. Josh has been visiting with people, with residents, with the local small business owners. He plans to continue visiting and listening. He has a view toward development of the entire city through pursuit of support of local business rather than seeking to steal business from other cities. His desire is to consult with local people to learn what they believe is beneficial rather than hiring outside consultants at exorbitant fees. His desire is to operate within the tax revenue rather than continually spending towards deeper indebtedness. He believes that the local businesses who will be prospering from new development should be the ones who fund the development, not taxpayers.

I am very glad that I did not let a premature reaction to false propaganda prejudice me against a worthy candidate. I am very glad that I did not allow the usual dirty politics to influence me as they were designed to do.

We really need to beware of candidates who operate in deceitful manners. If they are willing to lie to us to get elected, and if we vote for such people, how can we expect any other behavior after they are elected?

As for me, I will be voting for the man who came to my door and presented his good and solid ideas and who returned my phone call and gently and respectfully answered all of my questions.

If you would like to know what Joshua says rather than what his opponent claims that Joshua says, visit Josh’s web site at His other contact information is provided at the web site.

As for me and my wife, we plan to support him with our vote, as we believe that his consistency in answering our questions is a far better index of his truthfulness and trustworthiness than propaganda sent to us by his opponent. We agree with the stands that we have heard Joshua declare as his own. Josh has not attacked anyone and says that he plans to continue simply to set forth his own views and beliefs regarding what is right and good for Wichita.

This is the kind of politics that I desire to support with my vote.

Perhaps you will agree.

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