Monday, April 25, 2011

My apologies for the big bank scam

Since the big bankers, mostly credit card bankers, have violated their contract and promise not to allow my on-line information to be released, I have been receiving dozens of e-mails attempting to sell me various kinds of garbage. The primary volume of garbage involves enlargement of a certain bodily organ.

Moreover, each of these e-mails has had an attached file that my anti-virus program identifies and quarantines as malware.

Some of these e-mails are using my name and e-mail and host provider. I have contacted my host provider about this issue, but have not heard from them yet.

In case anyone has received this garbage with my name and e-mail, please know that I did not send it. (My computer is not infected.)

It angers me that the US government allows these bankers to get away with yet another scam. They claim that their data was hacked from the outside. This is about as likely as catching an STD from a toilet seat. (It does not happen.)

As a reminder to all, unexpected e-mails that have attachments should always be treated as a threat. NEVER click on an attachment that is not expected, as the malware can be set into action by opening the attachment.

If anyone has received any of this garbage with my e-mail address as the sender, please forgive me for my inability to prevent the misuse of my name and e-mail address.

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Chief Little Hat said...

I just read your sermon for Christ's Day of Resurrection; you wrote in the conclusion: "He calls us away from our remembrance. He calls us to be born into His remembrance." I am reminded of what Jesus said, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be." As you correctly noted, His remembrance alone, not our remembrance, will determine what we treasure.
God be thanked and praised for leading you to speak and act according to His good pleasure.
Gary Cepek

Not Alone +++ PAS said...


Thanks for your kind comment and acknowledgment of the wondrous beauty and treasure of the pure Gospel. It gives strength to the heart to hear from one who understands the inestimable value.


Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Over the period since writing this post I have spoken with a number of IT people and computer people. At least two were inclined to agree that the likelihood of outside hackers accessing these secure sites without inside assistance of some sort is extremely unlikely. One, however, pointed to the many variables including the multiplicity of access sites, servers, etc., and thought that it would not be very hard at all.

Either way, if you have received any garbage with the sender listed as one of my e-dresses, please know that I am not sending it.

Peace in Christ Jesus,