Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Terrorist-like Behavior

In an earlier post, Fluoride Is Good for You, I shared concerns about the various uses of fluoride. A video was included in that post.

One kind person commented, sharing additional information, including this: “Seven drops of fluorosilicic acid is considered highly toxic and potentially lethal. Surprisingly, about 10 gallons per hour are pumped into the water supply of Austin.”

I have not checked thoroughly, but from what I did find this sounds about right. One source, Austin resident says fluoride compound added to local water supply is "toxic waste", says the following:

Duchon said the acid becomes toxic at concentrations of more than 100 milligrams per liter, over 100 times the concentration in Austin’s water. He said he was aware of one episode involving such a toxic error involving a small community’s water well; an Alaska man died.

This is typical of those who promote use of such things as fluoride. They admit the toxicity, but deceivingly minimalize its significance by deliberately telling only part of the truth. What part of the truth is omitted? Do you see it? The cumulative nature of the substance is omitted. People have committed murder by adding small amounts of arsenic to a person’s meals. Such amounts are not lethal in the proportions used. But over a period of time, the amount in the person’s system builds until it does become lethal and the person dies.

Even in the amounts mentioned in this article, this is not a small amount, for it is not a one time or even an occasional dosage. It is continuously present in the most necessary ingredient for life. It is in the drinking water. It is in the water for washing and bathing. So it is absorbed even through the skin. It will be present in the clothing. It will be on the dishes. Even if a person consumes only 6 glasses of water per day, that person would be getting a daily dose at least twice the dosage named in this article.

Now, considering the information given by the commentator, 10 gallons per hour is equal to 1,680 gallons per week of a highly toxic substance being added to a city’s drinking water. If this were discovered to be done by some unauthorized group, Homeland Security would arrest them as terrorists!

Ah, after some more searching, I found at least one source for this figure, here. Here is another article addressing people’s concerns: Austin: City Council Is prescribing medicine?.

So, almost two thousand gallons of this toxic substance are added to a city’s water every week. The people are still drinking it. They have been drinking it for years. Their children, during their most critical years of physical, mental, and emotional development, are drinking this stuff daily. It is building up in their systems.

How many people live in Austin? Are they not as important as the 3000 plus people who were killed in the horrific events of 9-11? We went to war with people half way around the world over those 3000 plus people. Yet many more are being poisoned daily and hardly any action is taken at all, except by a few, who for their efforts are labeled as “overly concerned” or some other demeaning term.

Should the people not have the right to drink water that has not been deliberately poisoned by the government? Should the people have to pay for all of this substance being added to every drop of water that is used throughout the city? If fluoride treatment for the teeth is really the issue, would it not be much more efficient as well as safer to make fluoride rinse available for free at the grocery stores and drug stores for those who cannot afford such things but desire to use them? Surely such items could be added to the foodstamp cards that people already receive.

This stuff does not belong to be used at all. It certainly should not be in the water supply.

People need to become aware of what the government is doing. Moreover, people should be asking, “WHY?”!

Why does it seem that people become more incensed over the possible erection of a mosque at ground zero than they are over the daily poisoning of entire cities?

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