Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alzheimer’s Disease: Now and Then?

My wife and I were discussing various matters of health and diet today and Alzheimer’s Disease was mentioned. With this was a disagreement concerning the proper pronunciation and spelling. So I was urged to get the dictionary.

My dictionary of choice was the one that I purchased when I began college. It is Webster’s Second Edition of the New World Dictionary. I purchased it in 1978, though it has a copyright of 1972.

Interestingly it has no listing for Alzheimer’s or Alzheimer’s disease. NO listing!

Today we are told that it is affecting a major portion of the population. It is making pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars.

The following video from the Alzheimer’s Association emphasizes the impact on society and the rate of increase of the disease.

Sadly, as is common, the lie is told that nothing can be done to prevent this disease that was so minuscule in the 1970's that it is not even included in the dictionary at that time. Are we really so stupid that we cannot figure out what has caused this to explode in our society? Can we not even make an educated guess?

Of course we can. The evidence is all around us. Some doctors are even bold enough to step forward and tell us the things that are causing this explosion of neurological disorders and diseases. But they are ignored or treated even worse.

There are things that we can do. If you are not aware of the need to know what is being added to your foodstuffs, this video should heighten your awareness.

At the end of the video it urges sending it to someone who needs to be made aware. Why? If, as they claim, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it, cure it, or slow it, what is the point?

Can you guess? To increase the flow of frightened people to clinics and doctors and hospitals and to increase the sale of drugs. Or can you name another reason? Well, of course there is the obvious reason of promoting the giving of more money to the organization.

Why, oh WHY, is there no mention of the food additives that have been shown to be linked to these diseases?

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bodylift said...

Many scientists believe that the results of Alzheimer's disease from increased production or accumulation of a specific protein in the brain that leads to nerve cell death. There are also genetic risk factors for Alzheimer's disease.

cbeck said...
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Not Alone +++ PAS said...
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Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Dear cbeck,

I accidentally removed your comment. Very sorry.

I'll add it again.

posted by cbeck:

I'm curious about what articles you have seen that specifically show links between AD and food additives. I have seen charts plotting total food additives used over the past several decades, and charts plotting increase in AD over the same time period. These data show that the frequency of both are increasing with time. However, by that logic, you could also plot global fuel consumption, see a similar trend, and conclude that increased use of fuel is causing AD. (Granted, it is entirely possible that pollution by-products could influence neurodegeneration). My point is just that correlation does not equal causation. Though they may exist, I have not seen any peer-reviewed studies which demonstrate an explicit link between food additives and AD or Neural diseases in general. I'm not saying it is an unreasonable assumption, especially considering a lot of these additives are able to get past the blood-brain barrier. I just don't think it has been conclusively demonstrated yet.

As far as I know, popular theory still holds that amyloid (I think the protein bodylift was referring to) aggregation and fibril formation plays a key role in AD. But several studies are now beginning to cast doubt on that idea. We definitely need more research on this topic, and I completely agree that lowering the number of chemicals we dump in our bodies is always a good idea.

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Dear friends,

I have taken time over the last few days to prepare some resource information. I have written a new post on Excitotoxins and have provided a number of links as well as a video by Dr. Blaylock.

Regarding genetic risk factors, this is a common diversionary ploy. I don't mean to accuse you of this, but it is commonly used. Inheritance is not limited to genetics. The lifestyles and choices and beliefs of our parents and families often have more influence upon us than do genetic factors. I can explain more fully if needed.

cbeck, you are correct regarding automatic assumptions regarding correlation and cause. Yet correlation must not be ignored. For example, if the correlation that you mention is carefully examined, it will show that the toxic additives in gasoline, lead in the past and Benzine currently, have indeed impacted health. So what is needed regarding acknowledged correlations is the answer to the question "Why?"

If you check the informative links that I provide regarding food additives, I believe that you will find at least part of the answer to "why" regarding the exponential increase in neurological disorders.

Thanks for your gentle and thoughtful comments. Sorry again for accidentally deleting your comment.

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