Sunday, November 21, 2010

Twitter Merit

What is the purpose of Twitter? What merit does it have?

The following are videos that I found that express differing perspectives:

Judge for yourself which perspective you share. Perhaps there are elements of both that you find to be true.

For myself, I have little appreciation for things that do not connect to something of substance. In my thinking, while a certain merit belongs to the occasional light and trivial post, there is very little worthwhile reason to post unless somehow something of substance is shared. Rather than “What are you doing?” my opening question is usually “How have you been?” or “How are you?”

From what I have observed on Twitter and Facebook, the content rarely has any real substance. It seems to me that both videos are correct in assessing that the purpose of these “social networks” is to attempt to maintain connections and self-affirmation.

There is a certain sense of this being the purpose of churches as well.

Is this a bad thing? Or is this an aspect of what we sense as our needs, only without the satisfaction of having them fully met?

The Scriptures speak of “faithfulness” being the definition of the life of the saints. We often imagine this to be a measure of our commitment and devotion. And while this may be true in part, the word itself teaches much more.

Consider the two parts to this word: Faith and Fulness.

If this combination is pondered carefully, allowing the word to say what it actually conveys, we gain a considerably different understanding of the life of the Church as the holy communion of the saints, and of our lives as individuals who are members of this holy communion.

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