Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Annoying Telephone Surveys

Today I was interrupted with a phone call from 732-451-3663. I knew immediately that it was someone with whom I did not wish to be bothered. How? I experienced the typical silence after answering the phone. “Hello?” . . . silence. “Hello?” Then the voice on the other end indicated slight bewilderment and then began pressing onward for a survey.

I demanded to know who was calling. “GSR” was the answer.

“Who is GSR?”

“The survey person rattled on.”

“Who is GSR?”

“Garden State Readers”

. . .OK, enough of the banter . . .

Here is the link that I found for GSR.

I told the person, who would not tell me the purpose of the survey, that she was wasting her time with me. She replied, “Yes, I believe I am.” Then she disconnected.

These survey people are quite ostentatious. They call with the attitude that the person being called owes the debt of answering whatever questions that are presented.

I hate answering questions for surveys that promote further calls regarding products that I do not use nor desire. So I don’t.

Sadly, even the national do not call registry does not keep them from calling, as survey people are excluded.

Nevertheless, the National Do Not Call Registry does help to reduce calls. In case you need to register, you may do so here.

Anyway, enough with the griping.

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