Saturday, November 13, 2010


When I know of a business that does right by people, I like to let others know.

Central Ag Wheel & Tire is such a business.  I have been purchasing tires from them for my business needs for a number of years now, and they always have done right by me.  Sometimes I am in need of a good used tire for my chipper truck.  Other times I have needed replacement tires for my chipper or trailer.  This week I needed new front tires for Stephanie's mustang.  I checked at Sam's Club first.  They would have to special order the tires.  Apparently that type of 15" tire is no longer sold very often.  After all, it is a 1989 mustang.  But then I checked with Tom.  He did not have that size in stock, but pulled up a couple of suppliers on his computer screen and showed me dozens of tires of various brands.  Then he selected one that would be inexpensive, yet fully meeting my needs.  The installed price of the tire was a little more than half the price of the cheapest tire at Sam's Club.  The installed price was very pleasing to me.

Central Ag Wheel & Tire, as the name proclaims, is primarily directed toward the needs of farmers and other agribuisness.  Yet they are able to supply tires for nearly every need, and they do so at very pleasing prices.

I asked Tom for permission to post his card on the blog.  For anyone in the Wichita area, he is a good guy with whom to do business.

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