Saturday, November 13, 2010

ACLJ Letter re: Abortionist Attacks

Today I received the following e-mail from ACLJ:

It's another showdown in the fight for the unborn ...

... and pro-life ''crisis'' pregnancy centers nationwide are the target.

Planned Parenthood, NARAL: Pro-Choice America, and pro-abortion legislators throughout the country are pulling out all the stops to shut down these centers, which offer counseling to women on alternatives to abortion.

Quite simply, this pro-abortion ploy is shameful.

These anti-life groups are pressuring local politicians in New York City to create new rules and expenses in order to make it difficult for pro-life pregnancy centers there to exist - forcing them to shut their doors to women in need of help!

The move is not only deeply offensive, but unconstitutional as well. What happens in New York City will have serious implications for every city in America.

Stand with us today against NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and others and sign the PETITION TO STOP THE SHUT-DOWN OF PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTERS.

Once you've done so, please be sure to use the online forward-to-friend tool to alert your pro-life friends and family as well.

Imagine the outcome all over the country as abortion-performing Planned Parenthood clinics are emboldened - while pro-life ''crisis'' pregnancy centers are rendered ineffective?

As you'd expect, the ACLJ has already taken immediate action.

We are representing pro-life pregnancy centers throughout New York City - researching case law, preparing the necessary legal documents, even presenting arguments NEXT WEEK before the New York City Council, in order to stop this pro-abortion attack.

This is a life-or-death issue for millions of unborn babies.

We cannot rest in the face of such a vile assault on life. Stand with the ACLJ - make your voice heard immediately.

Thank you!

If you would like to sign the on-line petition it is avaiable at Petition to Stop the SHUT-DOWN of America's Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers.

I found the following additional sites with information on these abortionist attacks on the lives of the helpless and those who would give women the information that they need to avoid the horrible misfortunes that abortion imposes upon the lives of these women and their families:

NY City targets pregnancy centers as part of 'nationwide strategy'

Dems Want To Restrict Speech of Pro-Life Centers

Rep. Maloney and Sen. Menendez Introduce Bill to Restrict Speech of Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers by Controlling Their Advertising

Abortion Advocates Seek to Stifle Crisis Pregnancy Center Ads

The typical language used in the newspapers and radio and tv and magazines is so biased that it is truly insulting.  They always refer to those who defend the lives of the helpless children as ”Anti-abortion” or “Abortion Foes”.

Do they speak of those who seek to prevent other forms of violence and killing as “anti-“ or as “foes”?  Rarely.

It is amazing how the truth is misused by the devil so as to make what is good appear to be something undesirable and that which is selfish, corrupt, evil, and immoral or amoral as desirable and preferable.  Yes, I am anti-murder.  Yes, I am anti-violence.  Yes, I am anti-rape.  Yes, I am anti-anything that is harmful and wrong.  But this is the secondary focus of my agenda.  The primary focus is to promote what is good and wholesome and right and fair and loving.  Yes, this is the agenda and focus of even this blog post.


L A Brannen said...

I have signed the petition and posted the link to facebook.

Golden Thoughts said...

unborn babies are God's angel we are responsible to protect.