Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Love

The other day in a conversation I became aware of my use of the phrase “my first love” in that conversation.  I was mildly surprised to realize that I use this phrase rather regularly.

We were talking about matters of the Christian faith.  Once I become engaged in such a conversation regarding the doctrine of the Scriptures and the blessed hope of everlasting life that this doctrine teaches, I find myself hoping that I am not pressing too hard and for too long.  I find myself excusing my enthusiasm and fearing that I am demonstrating verbosity, and I say something like, “Well, this is my favorite subject and my first love.”

While the Lord Jesus uses this language in Revelation 2:4, still it caused me a degree of amazement to hear this coming from my lips in regular conversation.  Yet it is true.  I would rather speak the Gospel than do anything else.  It is not from a sense of obligation as though I speak it as a duty.  Rather, it is the source of my joy in life.  To share this source of joy and peace and comfort is what I find myself most wanting to do.  I am built up in the sharing and I desire the same for everyone else.

Some people imagine the sharing of the Gospel to be kingdom building or witnessing for the Lord or mission work and such things.  For me, it is simply who I am and what I love most in life.  For me it is simply the most natural thing to be doing, at home, with customers, with people in line at the store, on a blog or web site, wherever and whenever.

The Gospel is Life.  The Gospel is Hope.  The Gospel is Peace.  While it is mildly surprising to hear it flow from my lips in regular conversation, it is also pleasing to know that the Gospel is my first love.  I cannot imagine anything better or more worthy of my devotion.

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