Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Yesterday's High Temp

Yesterday's high outdoor temperature was 114 degrees Fahrenheit, at least at our house. That was simply too hot. I decided not to work outside and stayed home and took care of various other things.

As you may notice from our indoor thermometer, we keep our air conditioner set at 84 degrees. Still our electric bill is beyond belief. The government continues to press us into more and more debt, causing more and more inflation. The greater the debt, the less value the money has, which automatically drives prices higher.

So the weather is cooking us externally while the government, run by the international (central) bankers, cooks us financially. Yet the people keep electing the same political party puppets from the same two parties that are owned by the banksters. They have betrayed us for generations and yet the people keep voting them into positions of power where they can further betray us. The so-called conservative pundits continue to tell people not to vote for 3rd party candidates, who actually propose solutions to the terror. Who besides Ron Paul in the Republican Party proposes elimination of the Federal Reserve criminal banking system?

Even today, after all the noise that Ron Paul and third party candidates have made, still I find that at least 85% of Americans have no clue as to the fact that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation owned by international bankers who make obscene profits from our money, money that the US Constitution says should cost nothing as it should be controlled by Congress alone.

So, while the frog in the kettle analogy is untrue, as no frog will remain in the kettle as the temperature rises to unsafe levels, the scenario of the people in the kettle of central banking continues to be real. As the temperature continues to rise we cry out in agony but refuse to jump out of the kettle. Moreover, people continue to listen to the hoaxsters who tell them not to upset the two party system that is cooking them alive.

Now these hoaxsters are crying out that the debt deal between Obama and Congress is a betrayal. Oh thanks. People with their eyes open knew this all along. ANY raising of the debt ceiling makes all spending limitations or reductions and tax rate limits meaningless. Raising the debt ceiling GUARANTEES inflation.

By the way, if spending is truly curbed, why would the debt ceiling need to be raised? How is it that people do not see the fraudulence of this entire process? How is it that the people do not DEMAND that the government stop forcing them into deeper debt? Even those who blindly imagine that the "benefits" that they receive from the government through their "entitlements," how is it that they remain blind to the fact that their entitlements are becoming smaller on account of the artificially imposed inflation?

Well, I guess it makes as much sense as the way that people in the many churches continue to allow the pure Gospel and the pure administration of the Sacraments to be diluted and polluted until they have nothing left of God's grace, mercy, and peace. If people willingly permit themselves to be robbed of the most precious and necessary things in life, the everlasting blessings, why should anyone expect that they would be less foolish regarding the temporal things?

Yet as I look on I am nevertheless bewildered.

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Gary Cepek said...

We live in rural western Wisconsin. When the temperature gets into the upper 80's or even 90's as it has this summer, we're feeling the heat. Then I read your post about southern Kansas heat ...... Oh, what wonderful temperatures we have here on the farm. Thanks for the climatological perspective.

Ron Paul has consistently urged fiscal sense for decades, being ignored and derided for his efforts. Parallel this senseless refusal of a voice of common sense with the fact that our political leadership always reflects "we, the people", both locally (with exceptions), state-wide (perhaps with an exception or two) and nationally. Scriptural history offers clarity and truth about our temporal situation, both how why it it developed, and why we are in such trouble today. It consistently portrays that a people's self-centered blindness to what should be easily recognized as sensible is the LORD's punishment against them. God sends a blindness on a people who more and more exalt what is evil and condemn what is god pleasing. He hardens those who oppose His will, and His Church. Can it be that our society is being dealt with by God in the same way?
Gary Cepek