Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dirty Rotten Thieves

The following report is from a newsletter that a friend, a real estate agent who helped us find our home, sends regularly.

Air Conditioners are being stolen.

Nope, not the window units, you can carry by yourself, but the big one behind your house.

On Sunday, I held an open house at one of my listings. I went inside and it was 97 degrees. I turned down the thermostat, nothing. I kept trying to work the digital thermostat, thinking it was stuck on a pre-set temp.

After 20 minutes, it finally occurred to me that there was no sound of the unit engaging. I went outside. There was the cement pad, but no unit on top of the pad. The wires were cut. The framing for the unit was partially scattered around the yard. I talked to a neighbor who was mowing the grass for the seller. He did not see anything amiss over the last week.

The property is getting a new air-conditioning unit. The seller informed me today that the cost was about $2700 for the new unit. The owner was not sure if the unit was going to be covered with the insurance.

If you have a vacant home, you need to tell your insurance company. Sometimes they give you six months of time to sell the house. Sometimes, they raise your rates. However, if your property is vacant and something is stolen or vandalized, the homeowners insurance can deny your claim because you did not inform them it was not occupied. They can cancel your insurance immediately, if they find out.

This story was told to me by another agent at Prudential, LeAnna Beat. The bad guys tend to target vacant houses; but who’s to say, they might go after yours or mine next?

So, these units are most likely being stolen by selfish brutes who care only about obtaining money for themselves and whatever their purposes may be, stolen most likely for the aluminum to take to one of the local recyclers. At most, $50. Let’s be ridiculous and say $200 (No way!) But even at this, for a pitiful $200 these creeps cost their neighbors $2700. Moreover, each of these incidents causes insurance rates to go up for us all.

The minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. How long would these creeps have to work at a real job for this same $200? How long? About 27 hours. But the real price was probably not even $50, so how long for $50? This would be less than one day of honest work at minimum wage.

How many hours did these creeps spend casing the place to be sure it was vacant? How long did they work to destroy their neighbor’s property? How much more time did they expend on stripping the unity of its aluminum, because such a unit intact would be nearly worthless. The aluminum must be clean of steel and other metals and plastic to be of any significant value. How much time did it take for them to take it to the recycler? In all, they very likely expended more time and energy stealing than they would have expended doing some productive labor someplace, AND they put themselves at risk of harm and arrest. Worse, they injured their neighbors.

This is beyond sad.

But these are mere petty thieves. The damage that they do to society is insignificant compared to the organized thieves who rape entire societies and entire nations.

Consider the ongoing theft that is perpetrated by the central bankers. Amazingly, they not only rob people of everything that they earn, but they convince them to thank them for it.

Through the creation of more and more money, inflation is pressed upon the people. The rate of money creation is greater than the need. Borrowing is the mode of doing business. Thus more and more money is feloniously fabricated from nothing, bringing the value continually downward.

Today 10% inflation is counted as zero. It is counted as the norm of necessary growth. And so what a person possesses today is devalued over time to be worthless, because the value has been absorbed by those who control the supply of fictitious money.

This table illustrates the time frame for inflation at 10 percent.

This table illustrates the continual inflation of the cost of money at the rate of 10 percent annually. The third column shows the amount that a person must add to one’s savings and earnings to maintain the same value. The fourth column shows the actual decrease in the value of every dollar by the end of the year due to the inflated cost of the money.

As can be seen in this table, by the end of the seventh year the cost of the money has almost doubled. Thus, by the end of the seventh year the dollar that was possessed at the beginning of the first year is now worth only a nickel.

Where did the value go? It was absorbed by the Federal Reserve, or the Bank of England, or the Bank of China, or whichever of the central banks for that particular country. At 10 percent annual inflation it only takes 7 years for the Federal Reserve to absorb 100% of the value of whatever is earned and owned. They simply conjure up more fictitious money and the cycle continues.

But it is even more deviously clever than this. The Federal Reserve has confiscated control of the money supply from the people so that the government must buy money to pay its debts. It does this through treasury notes, for which the Federal Reserve prints or fabricates money at no cost to purchase. The government then pays interest on these notes. To pay this interest, more money is needed and so more notes are drafted thus creating more debt and more interest.

Therefore, not only is the people’s money stolen through inflation, but also through ever increasing taxes, to pay the debt that the government forces upon them, for after all, we are the government and therefore we must pay the debts.

Investigating the additional ways in which theft is perpetrated by the central bankers leads to even more heartache and astonishment. But surely this is sufficient to show who the truly dirty rotten thieves are. They don’t just destroy and steal an air conditioning unit here and there. They take everything and strip the people bare so that even what little they have managed to save for their heirs is taxed away.

Will the people eventually wake up? If they finally do, will it matter any more? Can anyone even give an accurate figure for the current so-called national debt?

National Debt Clock

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Oh, by the way, Amos and the other prophets decried such things in their day, but as the Lord foretold, the situation is becoming worse and the bankers/beast is nearing total domination.

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Gary Cepek said...

Our nation is defined by our Constitution. Our crisis has been building as our Constitution has been ignored and exceeded by elected officials and appointed bureaucrats making laws and mandates on the lives of our citizens.

We are sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind, as you averred.

The solution for this wrongdoing is found in the voice and the vote of each citizen. As Shelby Steele noted in todays online Wall Street Journal opinion, do our people want to remain exceptional compared to the rest of the world, or have our me first attitudes and practices tired us out so much that our national desire devolves ever more into increasing mediocrity?

Our ever evolving national troubles may well be the Lord's particular judgement against ungodly selfishness that denies Him while exalting humanity.

Our help, the church militant's help, alone is in the Name of the Lord, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Gary Cepek