Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Long Time No See

A very kind individual recently e-mailed me inquiring concerning my health and general well-being on account of a relatively long inactive period of posting to this blog and to the congregational web site. This person kindly told me that my posting is of value and encouraged me not to become discouraged.

This person’s concern was entirely accurate. I have been discouraged. It seems that nearly the only people to respond have either missed the main points of my posting, have read them and not been affected by them, or have tried to hijack the purpose of the posts for their own agenda. (I say nearly, for there have been some worthy comments, too.) Then, there also are those who send me e-mails encouraging me to use products to grow a bigger organ. Argh!

Working daily in the extreme heat that has roasted Wichita for more than a month also has drained my energy terribly. Today is forecast to reach a high temperature of 113, which usually means that it will exceed this by a couple of degrees. In the full sun, where I work, it will be close to scalding temperatures. Just consuming the volumes of necessary water is exhausting.

The continuing deception of the governmental leaders also discourages me. I am growing very weary of their lies and destructive agenda. What they do is truly diabolical. The media also promotes the new world order agenda without end.

Then the demise of the Church, or at least of those claiming to be of the Church, brings me lowest of all. Family members from both sides have diluted their understanding and profession of the faith to such a degree that we no longer recognize them. No amount of engaging conversation or challenges even arouses an indication of true concern anymore.

And so I have been silent for a relatively long period. This silence concerned my friend, whom I did not even know cared about me. This kindly contact has caused me to face the fact that I myself have lost focus.

After all, the intent of my blog and the web site is not primarily one of seeking encouragement or affirmation for myself. The real reason for this blog and for the web site is the sharing of thoughts and encouragements for others. God’s Word, and especially the Gospel, is what my postings are intended to convey. What does God say to us? How does this benefit us? How much does God love us? What is the evidence of His love and care and providence? What good word is available to us in our times of need and of hurting and of despair? What escape does God provide from the temptations that we face and from our own guilty consciences?

And so, my friend who has now become known to me has helped me to realize that it is time to move beyond my selfishness and begin sharing again the riches that God daily bestows upon me. For I daily have many new thoughts and insights, as well as refreshing remembrances of older ones, concerning God’s grace, mercy, and peace as declared in the Scriptures. And indeed I benefit from organizing them into clearer statements and posting them, probably even more than anyone who reads them benefits.

Nevertheless, it is helpful and encouraging to hear from someone that my efforts actually are counted as valuable to someone. Hearing that someone benefits from my efforts does provide motivation. So thank you for this word of encouragement. I will make efforts to be more regular in posting to this blog and to the web site.


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Gary Cepek said...

Pastor Siems,
Our Lord God works in ways we can perceive and in ways we cannot. He, in His wisdom, mercy, and love, moved me, an unaware stranger, to write to you. Thank you for sharing the effect He worked for you, unknowingly affected with my little note. "God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform; He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upon the storm." Such is the awe and wonder I am moved to realize again from what you have written. So, I join you in giving thanks to the LORD, for He is good and His lovingkindness endures forever.
In Christ our Savior,
Gary Cepek

p.s., May He also be praised for and through your two recent postings. They provide much edification and food for thought.