Friday, August 12, 2011


As I remember things, McDonald's had an advertisement in the past where they emphasized that they would give us change. Give them a dollar and they would give us change.

It occurred to me this evening, that this is what Obama really meant in his campaign mantra. He (and the FED and Congress) would take our dollars and give us mere change. At least McDonald's gave us greasy food and sugar with our change.

Of course, Obama and Company have given us other change, too. We now have sky-rocketing prices on almost everything, beginning with the price of fuel, extending to every other form of necessary goods and services. With this the national debt has grown to incalculable figures. McDonald's gave us change and fat bodies. The governmental leaders and bankers have given us fat government and banking institutions.

Then, also, where we once had at least the illusion of privacy, now the government and the bankers and the corporations know more about us than we do. While that may not be a change, the fact that we now are aware that they know more about us than we do is a change.

While I thought of this as a humorous thought to share when I first pondered it, having written it, I'm not laughing. I'm not even amused.

I guess I had better pull out the catechism and the hymnal and hear something to lift my spirit again.

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Gary Cepek said...

Well said. The Lord, through Word and Sacrament, comforts His people with News of His kingdom and righteousness - and all these things will be added unto thee. Thank You, dear Father.

Gary Cepek

p.s. Thanks to God, Pastor Siems, for setting forth edifying sermons on your worship site.

Not Alone +++ PAS said...


Thanks for your encouraging comments and your statements concerning the Lord and His grace.