Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day

Labor Day, a day that is intended to give those who are burdened and weary a day of rest.

Most people seem to welcome Labor Day as a day to forget the mundane daily routine that wears people down to the point of feeling trapped and without real purpose. People take time to travel, to visit friends and relatives, or just to take off and do nothing of the usual routine. They recreate. They rest from their labors.

Amazingly, the same people often resist honoring the Lord’s day of rest. He invites the heavy burdened and the weary to turn aside from their daily struggles to receive from Him the rest that He alone can provide. He even goes so far as to command it, because He knows how much we need the rest that is found only in communion with Him.

Isn’t it strange that we eagerly embrace a manmade day of rest, embracing it with our very being, while the day that God has given and established is so often despised? What different people we would be, how different our lives would be, if this were reversed!

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