Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gospel Dependency

The Pure Gospel is the sweetest medicine ever produced. It is the most amazing product in the world.

The Pure Gospel, when received in its pure form, is potent beyond anything else in this world. It is the only true cure-all. In its pure form it is sweeter than sugar, and yet is full of substance. It feeds the soul.

Once a person tastes the sweetness of the Pure Gospel, that person becomes totally dependent upon it. But amazingly, this dependence has no negative effects, only positive effects. The Gospel dependent person finds it impossible to continue without the Pure Gospel. The Gospel dependent person lives for the Pure Gospel and craves the Pure Gospel. Yet it is impossible to overdose on the Pure Gospel. When the Gospel has been polluted with impurities, it is possible to overdose and to be destroyed by the impurities, but the Pure Gospel gives only Life and Happiness and Freedom.

Unlike any other dependency, Gospel dependency provides true and absolute freedom: freedom from sin, freedom from guilt, freedom from addictions, freedom from destructive lifestyles, freedom even from death.

What is even more amazing is that the Gospel is free of cost to the dependent. It is absolutely free and it is available without limit to the one gathering to the earthly source of the Pure Gospel.

The Pure Gospel truly is unlike anything else in this world. It truly is beyond our imagination, yet it is real and it is available to all.

What could be more marvelous?

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