Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"I’m not Feeling Well"

Yesterday I heard these words from someone, and these words provided me with relief and understanding.

I have been struggling to find a way to deal with a dangerous situation on one of my pending tree jobs. I need to remove a very large tree that is in a tight location with many large boughs that threaten houses and property. In addition, a goodly number of these boughs are badly decayed, adding to the danger.

But the dangerous situation that has hindered me is a hive of bees who have taken up residence in one of the decayed and hollowed boughs. The hive entrance is about 18 feet above the ground, and therefore hard to deal with. Being a very active hive, a great danger exists of angering the bees so that they attack. Since the hive faces the neighbor’s front porch, the hive presents a constant danger to the family even if the bees are not enraged, but especially if they are.

The neighbors are sweet people. Two sisters live there, one having children. I have had good conversations with them. But my attempts at dealing with the bees causes an inconvenience. Even though the removal of both the bees and the tree will be of great benefit to them, I nevertheless am inconveniencing them.

The one sister has acted in a manner that I found difficult to understand, especially when a very slight inconvenience has been presented. Her reaction has several times bordered on hostility. So yesterday when it occurred, as is my way, I asked. “You seem to me to be a very nice person. But you act as though you do not like me very much. How come?”

She turned and lifted up her countenance upon me and replied, “No. No. I’m just not feeling well.”

After this we discussed her ailments and I shared some natural remedies that have helped me and others that I know.

Her words have remained with me. “No. No. I’m just not feeling well.”

I have considered how these words have often fit my action and the actions of others. I pondered how these words really apply universally to the entire human race. We deal with others according to the way that we feel about ourselves. We mistreat others, or perhaps sometimes just express ourselves poorly, because we are not feeling well. This is especially true when we don’t feel well about our lives.

The wonderful news is that the Lord has provided a full and infallible remedy. His remedy is universal and never produces negative side effects. His remedy is absolutely free and available without limit. His remedy restores full health to our not feeling well about ourselves and completely changes how we view ourselves and in turn, how we respond to others.

This dear lady has helped me to understand what I observe in myself and in other people. As I reflect upon her words I realize that what I often have thought was anger and hostility toward me from others has actually been caused by their own suffering. Perhaps this knowledge will help me to be a bit more patient and understanding toward others. How wonderful!

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