Wednesday, May 02, 2012

More Brainless Bandwagon Slogans

From the left, from the right, are there any Americans left who actually see beyond the bandwagon slogans of the two parties?

Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that is the epitome of thoughtless, mindless politics.

I was furious when I saw this.


Stupidity, especially willful stupidity that steals and destroys any hope for genuine progress from all who exert genuine thought and energy and effort toward helping their neighbors and countrymen and mankind, infuriates me.

This bumper sticker has been around since last year, it seems, yet this is the first one that I have seen.

While I am not a tea party person, the mindset of this promotional propaganda reeks of a foul stench.


At least the tea party people are alert enough to see the daily destruction around them.  Sadly, they listen to farcical pretenders of conservativism who say just enough of the right sounding rhetoric to convince people that the issues are being addressed.  Sadly, these globalist shills never allow the talk to move toward addressing the base problems and their solutions.  For example, they talk about the “mistakes” of the FED, but never speak of the fact that the FED IS the MISTAKE.  Actually, it is much worse than a mistake, but at least that would be a beginning.

Here is further exemplification: Krugman: Fed Should Allow Inflation Above 2% Target.

Newsmax reports this in its “Moneynews.”

This is not reporting anything but the propagation of enormous lies.  2% inflation?  Is there anyone in America who actually purchases items at retail who believes that inflation is at 2% now?  Anyone purchasing regular household items knows that the prices of many if not most items are at least 30% higher than last year.  Moreover, many items have been reduced in size or quantity.

Who in the media, including Rush Limbo and Hop Along Hannity and Bill O’Really and Mark Leviathan or any of the Faux News Radio hosts, who is exposing this farce?  Who is calling for elimination of the FED, which is the cause of perpetual inflation so that 10% is called normal and leveled to zero in the statistical accounting?

Who is openly reporting and denouncing the NDAA?  Who is exposing the continual legislating in the federal, state, and local governments that with subterfuge are implementing the UN Agenda 21?  Who is warning that the Green Movement and Sustainable Living propaganda has nothing whatsoever to do with preserving the environment but is more subterfuge for usurping the people’s rights to own property, to move and travel freely, and to utilize goods and resources in accord with their own designs and liberties?

I daily speak with people and find that hardly anyone has even heard of the NDAA, the UN Agenda 21, the fact that FED is a private corporation owned and controlled by international banking concerns, and many other issues that most certainly concern them.  In my experience, when people hear of these they commonly are shocked.

Sadly, people who proudly display bumper stickers like this are wandering in a fog.

But worse than that, they are willfully enabling the destruction of the USA and the Constitution and the rich blessings and liberties that these lazy followers of “progressive thinking” abuse and often unknowingly despise.

Will the people of America awaken from their stupor?

For the “progressive minded” who mock the tea party movement while imagining that drinking green tea will save them, it seems hopeless.

And what of the tea party followers?  Will they see how they, too, are being led to half-truths or to the truth at only lower levels of knowledge?  Will they continue to look back to the Boston Tea Party as though that actually accomplished anything?  Will they continue to place their hope in the Republican elitists for their salvation?

And what of the self-fashioned Christians who respond that they do not concern themselves with such things because they know that God is in control.

Do they ever actually listen to this God who has warned us that these things come upon us because we feign faith in Him while not actually living in accord with the true faith that He gives?  What about “Love your neighbor as yourself”?  Does this not include looking after the widows and orphans and acting on their behalf so that the bankers do not steal their homes and throw them into the streets?  Does this not include more than donating to the food pantry and the Salvation Army, extending also to electing leaders who overturn the unjust laws that allow the big banks and the big corporate monsters to continue poisoning the population with false propaganda and with poisons in the food and water and milk and air?  Does it not include protecting the right to own property and to use it as one determines so long as it does not harm others?  Does it not include the decrying of usury and especially exorbitant usury that destroys the economy and robs people of their homes and livelihoods?

Yes, God IS in control.  But He has given us the responsibility and privilege of being His vessels through which He pours out His blessings to family and neighbors and countrymen and fellow man.  He gives us our talents and minds and knowledge and emotions and bodies and muscles and employment and houses and all that we need for this body and life, but He gives these to us to be utilized in the same way as He gives them, for the benefit of all.

If we do not act in accord with what He has declared as our responsibility in this world, then what are we saying of His control?  If we hide behind “Judge not” as if this were genuine expression of love, if we refuse to judge those things that He Himself has commanded that we judge in accord with His declared judgment, if we refuse to act in accord with what true faith and love demand of us, what are we really saying and doing?

This dilemma is even more concerning than the mindless ways of those who think that progress is somehow properly associated with what the so-called Liberals promote.  For when Christians imagine that faith without works can be counted as a living faith, what hope remains?  James speaks very forthrightly to this issue, as does also St. Paul and St. Peter, and of course, the Lord Jesus Himself.

Just to be clear and to avoid misunderstanding, our works most certainly do not have salvific value in themselves.  Our works are only counted as good for the sake of Christ’s merits.  Our lives are counted as holy only on account of being baptized into His Holy Communion.  But as members of His body in His Communion, our lives are changed.  Our very minds and mindset are changed.  Our hearts and ears and eyes are opened to see and perceive God's good and gracious will so that we begin to live in accord with His will.  His will is truly good, and as we grow in realizing this more and more fully, our will becomes more and more good, too.  When our will is changed in this way, so also are the actions that flow from this renewed will.  As a result, our actions produce much happiness and contentment for ourselves and for those with whom we have daily interaction.

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Gary Cepek said...


Scripture asserts that the interaction of the Triune God's Law, written by by Him in each man's heart at the time of the individual's conception, is to interact with the his conscience to encourage what is right and discourage what is wrong (I Corinthians 2). God's Word further declares that the sinful nature of man is ruinously inclined toward evil all the time (Genesis 6 & 9).

These twin declarations also yield divine insight into some aspects of your posting. You write that some folks are "alert enough to see the daily destruction around them;" the results of the unconstitutional governmental policies / laws which plague our republic. You later lament those who "are willfully enabling the destruction of the USA and the Constitution and the rich blessings and liberties that these lazy followers of “progressive thinking” abuse and often unknowingly despise." The correct biblical name for anyone who has better knowledge (written in the heart) and choses to act against that knowlege (the inclination of the sinful nature) is "Fool."

The Proverb points out a bitter truth: "Correct a fool in his folly and he will despise you; correct a fool in his folly or you will be just like him."

The Savior God's mercy in Christ alone preserves us from the folly without and the folly within. Luther summarized (and I paraphrase): God made me and all that exists, richly and daily provides all that I need for body and life, defends and protects me from all evil and harm, only because He is my good and merciful Father in heaven, not because I have earned or deserved it. Thus I am in duty bound to thank, praise, serve and obey Him. The Person, Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, has redeemed me, a lost and condemned creature with His holy precious blood and innocent suffering and death that I should be His own, live under Him in His kingdom, and serve Him in everlasting righteousness, innocence and blessedness, just as He lives and rules eternally. The Holy Spirit has called me and the whole Christian Church on earth, He has gathered us, sanctifies and keeps us in the One True Faith. It is in this Church that He daily and fully forgives sins to me and all believers. On the last Day He will raise me and all the dead and give eternal life to me and all believers in Christ.

The Constitution and our liberty may perish because of fools. But Jesus' Word will never perish. This is the ground of faith upon which we have been placed to stand, and having fought the good fight, remain standing by God's grace.

Gary Cepek

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Thanks for the added comments, Gary. Indeed, as St. Paul declares, "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God." (1 Corinthians 1:18)

It is distressing, especially to observe how much of this is present in the so-called churches. But also in society, this view prevails. The faux wisdom of man seems always to be what is worshiped at great loss to mankind.

I often think of Old Noah and how alone he must have felt as he built the ark and watched mankind grow worse and worse. The Lord Jesus says that these latter times will be like the days of Noah.