Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is this "Cool" ... "No need to panic"?

Officials conduct military training in So. Fla.

One tourist calls it “cool.”

Reported in segment 1:48 of the video: “Some people even called 911,” and the police officer kindly explains, “A lot of people have called in a panic, there’s no need to panic.”

When I was young the popular TV show SWAT was considered to be cool.  I thought so, too.  I never really thought about the implications of police being trained and programed to act as assassins in body armor.  I never really moved beyond the presentation of these special weapons and tactics as noble protectors of the populace.  I never really thought it through to the point of considering that police were being specially trained to kill Americans by the order of their superiors.

Is this cool?  Or should the people be concerned?

Under the guise of fighting terrorism, this special training is being expanded beyond anything that any common citizen would ever have imagined even a few years ago.  Military and local police are now being trained together to “fight terrorism” and “civil uprising.”

The NDAA gives these enforcers of “peace” the authority to act openly in ways that have never been done openly.  Citizens can now be arrested and detained indefinitely without legal representation (and worse).

The kindly police officer informs us:  “A lot of people have called in a panic, there’s no need to panic.”

Are we being taught not to have concern over such maneuvers?  Are we being programmed simply to accept such things as common place events in our society?  Are we being set up for this sort of thing being done in our cities as what is to be expected?

At what point do the citizens have cause for being concerned?  At what point do we as Christians have cause to be concerned for our neighbors and countrymen?  When does love for neighbor move us to stand up and cry: “Whoa!  What is this?”

Have we ever seen any cause to question the leaders of this country and the world?  How many times did the American Indians trust the government to honor the treaties that were signed only to be abused yet again?  How many KKK members were in government and law enforcement, with no protection for those who were abused and even killed?  What of those who were imprisoned in the concentration/detainment camps for the people of Japanese ancestry?  What of those who have had their businesses and homes raided by the IRS enforcers?  What about the arrest of gentle and honest farmers selling raw milk to people who desire it?  How about what was recently done to Mr. Del Rio as reported at Austin Steals Elderly Veteran’s House for Crime of Having Fallout Shelter.  According to the report:

The city began its theft by sending the code enforcement team to Mr. Del Rio’s home early one Saturday morning in May of 2010. After the retired Air Force reservist, Vietnam veteran, and former state employee put on some clothes and opened the door, he was rushed by an Austin Police SWAT team. He was detained and interrogated over a period of ten hours.

Here stands the man:

The city sent a SWAT team.  In what way is this justifiable or even rational?  When we hear of these things being done to our neighbors and fellow countrymen, should we not become alarmed?  These things are happening all over the country.  These are happening with the approval of both the Democrats and the Republicans.  When the police are the ones being used in this way, to whom can a citizen turn for help?  When the judges do nothing and the media presents these as “cool” and stupid citizens accept these things as “cool,” or say, “What can I do about it?” the situation grows in intensity.  Isn’t it time to say “No more!”?

For a closer view of what is coming, see U.S. Army Re-Education Manual: Yet More Chilling Revelations.

From above, if a SWAT team was sent to intimidate and arrest Mr. Del Rio, a retired citizen who has served his country in many capacities, for whom are these detention camps being built?  Whom are the government leaders labeling as people who should be detained and/or reeducated?

Last year in my post Where have all the police gone? , I shared a late night event where over 40 police cars and a helicopter converged upon a local bowling ally on account of an off-duty police officer working security who encountered two unruly men.

Are such things not indicative of matters becoming out of control, or at least, not being focused primarily upon protection of the people?

I find these things very concerning.  I hear of people going hungry, unable to afford medical care, losing their homes, being mugged because they cannot afford to drive and have to walk home late at night from their jobs.

I am concerned because the most precious treasure of mankind, the pure Gospel, is being misrepresented so that people are becoming hardened to it and to belief in the God of the Gospel.  Ultimately, this is my greatest concern, as the church bodies become more and more corrupt, and the government and society follow.  The healing and peace and joy and comfort of the Gospel is being buried or transformed so that people are not receiving these blessings and benefits, and both society and the country are moving in a direction toward destruction.

How sad.

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