Sunday, May 13, 2012

Filtered & Blocked

My wife informed me this week that at the public/government school where she works that when she visited my blog this is what she encountered.

I asked her to try some other blogspot sites, but they were not all blocked as social networking.  One other that we tried was.  We tried Canadian Atheist, who is listed as one of the followers of my blog, and his site was blocked.

Though we only tried a few, it appears that the school’s filtering system is blocking religious content.  And while the Canadian Atheist would argue the point, atheism is counted as a religion.  Moreover, he talks a great deal about religion and religions.  At any rate, even his atheist blog is blocked.

On the other hand, at least in the California reeducation centers for minors, a.k.a., public schools, homosexuality is pressed upon the students through Harvey Milk Day, as is reported at 'Gays' to YouTube: Don't let anyone see THIS!.

This article reports that the video Save California was actually pulled by YouTube.

This is the video:

Through the government reeducation centers pseudonymed as public schools, and through the mainstream media, including TV and movies, America has been and is being changed.  I daily am made aware of this as I hear people speak, using harsh and dirty language that I would not have heard thirty or forty years ago.  Profanity and even curse words that people avoided in times past are now part of common conversation.  These words are not new, but their common acceptance and use are.  And this trend is growing as these things are propagated especially in the various forms of media.

But the choice of words is not the end of it.  People’s lives reflect the changes as well.  Divorce is more common than life long marriage.  Anger and rage and hatred overflow everywhere.  Depression is counted as a disease for which people need to be prescribed drugs.  Sex change operations and drugs are touted as proper for those who experience confusion regarding their understanding of sexuality.

Yet teaching of the loving God who created us to live in the joy of the identity that He has given to us and has reestablished for us in Christ Jesus is treated as taboo.  Teaching people that their hope is restored in the renewed communion of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through the means of grace is rejected even by the mainstream churches.  Even pastors can be heard cursing like sailors.  So-called churches teach tolerance of divorce and acceptance of sexual deviation.  Abortion is taught even by some so-called churches as a reproductive right.

And people wonder how it is possible that murders, rapes, suicides, child abuse and molestation, drug and alcohol abuse, and endless other hideous things are on the rise in our society.  During His earthly ministry the Lord Jesus looked upon the people with compassion as they were like sheep without a shepherd.  Yet today His Gospel has gone forth into all the world, and people are as lost today as they were then, wandering aimlessly, seeking direction for their lives in all of the wrong places.

Oh that people would hear.  Oh that people would receive the rich blessings that He purchased for them and offers freely through His means of grace in His true Church.  Oh that the churches truly were the Church and offered these means of grace as He has ordained them.  Truly our society would be different.  Truly the churches themselves would be different.  How truly blessed we all would be.

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