Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Issues, Etc.

Yesterday quite a turbulence was caused by the decision by LC-MS leaders to terminate the Issues, Etc. program from KFUO’s programming. The program was discontinued and for a time the archives were inaccessible as was the entire KFUO-AM web site. Today the following explanation is posted:

For programmatic and business reasons, the decision was made this week to discontinue the "Issues, Etc." program on KFUO-AM. We look forward to bringing you new programming in this time slot in the near future. Also, we thank "Issues" host Rev. Todd Wilken and producer Mr. Jeff Schwarz for their years of service on behalf of the station. Those interested may still download past "Issues, Etc." programs from the "Issues" archive on this website. Thank you sincerely for your continued support of KFUO's radio ministry

For those who desire to access the Issues, Etc. Archives, you would do well to do so and to download them while they are available.

It is truly grievous to observe the manner in which those who seek to hold to what they profess to believe are treated. Pr. Wilken and Mr. Schwarz surely have fallen into the hands of the ways of the LC-MS. It is very good to see that at least some people are concerned for their well-being and are responding with attempts to help these men and their families during their time of duress. More information is available here.

In the last few decades many pastors and families in the LC-MS and other so-called Lutheran bodies have faced very severe trials at the hands of their church bodies. Some have been injured so badly that they surrendered the ministry. Some even turned to various chemical addictions. A few have turned to other religions or have stopped believing in God altogether. In most cases these valiant souls braved terrible circumstances, and generally without any substantial support from their conservative/confessional brethren. They and their families often lost all that they had in this world or became very much buried in piles of financial burdens and debts. Some of them, even after many years, still suffer the emotional trauma.

If you know of such a pastor, remember him and his family as well. Use this time of grief to remember also some of those who have not received the support that they have needed from those who profess to be their brethren.

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