Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Evolution Fantasy

Today I heard a radio talk show host declare that Creationism is absolute fantasy.

Interestingly, on his web site he admits that in his early days of education and even through college he was an absolute loser who never took education seriously. Yet, he speaks authoritatively regarding a matter far beyond his feeble grasp.

What is this fellow’s area of expertise? What area of study did peak his interest? The study of the law in preparation for becoming a lawyer. So when he finally became interested in learning, it was to learn how to manipulate evidence in such a way as to convince others to believe what he has already determined to prove. Hmm.

But what about this theory of Evolution? Is it consistent with the evidence found in the cosmos?

It is interesting to note that this theory itself undergoes endless evolution. It is not the same as when Darwin developed it. It is not even the same from year to year. Yet it is taught as the one consistent fact of life.

What is the one thing upon which the theory of Evolution is absolutely dependent?

Answer: Mutation.

But the mutation upon which the theory of evolution is founded is not the kind of mutation that is found in the world. Mutations occur daily, even continually, in living organisms. Mutations occur on such a vast scale that it would be impossible to number them.

However, these mutations are not the kind of mutations that are necessary for evolution of new and more advanced species. The mutations that occur and can be readily observed are the exact opposite of what would produce evolution of species. The mutations that are regularly observed are always a breakdown in the genetic code. These mutations are always mishaps or mistakes. They are a breakdown in the order and structure of the cellular reproduction. Sometimes these are of little significance, but in many instances, they are deleterious. Most deleterious mutations result in the destruction of the cell, but sometimes they continue until either the body of the organism eliminates it or the mutation grows to destroy the life of the organism. Sometimes the organism survives the mutation, resulting in a change in the organism. When this occurs during embryonic development such mutation is counted as birth defect, often a very serious defect. When it occurs after the organism is fully developed the mutation results in a tumor or cancerous growth or some other abnormality.

What is never observed, however, is a mutation that advances the cell or organism from a lower order or structure to a higher one. Such a mutation has never been observed or reported. If so, it certainly would be BIG news.

This is the type of mutation that is necessary for evolution of species to occur. Not only this, but such mutations would have to happen on a regular basis. In order for the theory of evolution to be a plausible theory, these mutations from lower order to higher order would have to be happening on such a regular basis that they would be observed daily.

The theory of evolution is dealing with huge advances in genetic code and huge advances in anatomical and physiological function and design. These advances involve many changes that are interdependent. These advances are not the type that could happen slowly, but would have to happen simultaneously within the same organism. Moreover, since these advances are in sexual organisms, they would have to happen within at least a pair of organisms that could mate and reproduce the advancement. Moreover, for this to occur, this pair would have to develop in the same locale within the same life span.

For this to occur, the number of daily mutations in an upward order would have to be astronomical.

How is it, then, that no such mutations of advancement in genetic order are reported?

Yet this is presented as genuine science and the answer to the mysteries of life.

The genetic code of the highest organism of the cosmos declares a very different answer to the mysteries of life. Observing the gestational development of a human being a person observes the order of creation declared in the first two chapters of the Bible. All of the organisms of the cosmos are represented in the gestation of a human child. The order of human development demonstrates the fullness of the plan declared in Genesis 1-2, and shows that this plan has a common source. Observing the development of a new person of the human race is to observe the order of the cosmos according to its mysterious design.

But the mystery is answered when the designer is encountered. When the one who designed the cosmos as the dwelling place for all of creation and especially for mankind is encountered, he gives the answers to the mystery of life.

Those who take science seriously, observing the evidence rather than manipulating it to reach a preconceived conclusion (one based on avoidance of truth rather than submission to truth), recognize that the evidence all points to a singular and undeniable source. Moreover, such true scientists recognize that this source of life also continues to maintain life according to the good order originally established.

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