Monday, November 12, 2007

What People REALLY Think

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Not Alone +++ PAS said...

My wife asked me what would cause the baby to react this way.

I responded that it seems clear to me that for the baby to perceive Daddy as appearing from behind the mask of a monster is terrifying. The baby was not crying before the mask covered Daddy's face. The baby did not cry when all that could be seen was the monster's face. But when Daddy's face appeared from behind the mask, the baby cried.

The baby only knows Daddy as loving protector and provider. Daddy's face becomes foreign to this when appearing from behind the monster mask. The baby is more comfortable with seeing a monster, than with seeing Daddy behind the monster.

Likewise, many "Christians" are more comforatable with the Law, than with the God who preaches the Law. Thus many preach a modified form of the Law or a mingling of Law and Gospel rather than the pure Gospel, to which the Law points.